Hello All.  My mach 1 has plastic inserts where the ram air would be, that stops all airflow to the engine.  My questions are these:

1. Is it difficult to set up the ram air as it should be?  (I don't have the rubber ring or the device that channels the air)

2. Can I simply open it up and let fresh air in?  It wouldn't be directed like true ram air but would it still help in cooling the engine?

3. What about rain???  I don't plan on driving it in the rain too often, but I'm sure it will eventually happen - Does rain get in those holes?

Hey Jon, it's  as simple as cutting the holes open. Yes it will let in fresh air, rain, etc. I ran mine cut open, along with an open air cleaner all the time, and other then the engine getting dirty. I never had any ill effects. I drove it daily through several rain storms, and it never bothered the engine at all, and mine was 500hp. So if you don't do it all the time. I sure don't see a problem just leaving them open. That being said they do make all the pieces to correctly install the ram air system as it could have been originally. So it's down to personal preference, as to which way to go. One thought on the Ram Air system, I remember reading somewhere that it really doesn't add any "Ram" effect till about 80+ mph. So the only actual benefit for a street car, would be the cooler air to the carburetor. Hope it helps.

I hafta agree with JTS - open 'em up, even if you don't have the Ram Air air cleaner assembly.  I'm also running an open air cleaner, but also have the factory plenum installed.  Mine was originally a factory Ram Air car, but came to me missing just the Ram Air air cleaner.  I ordered a complete air cleaner assembly from Ohio Mustang Supply, but haven't painted and installed it yet... just a good ol' Edelbrock chrome air cleaner for now.  None of original the flapper actuators work anymore, but they're frozen open and in West Texas, where it's always at least warm when not downright ridiculously hot, it allows in 'cooler' air than what's been pushed through the warmed up radiator.

One thing that might be helpful is hood locks.  There's a reason the factory added them to the hood on Ram Air equipped cars.  The scoops could pull in enough air to create too much positive air pressure under the hood and potentially pop it open at high speeds.  Just something to think about.  Installing the hood locks is no big deal - the holes in the hood's framework are already there, just gotta pop a couple of 3" holes through the outer sheet metal (go in from underneath with a 3" hole saw), then install the locks and bracketry, adjust, and now you have factory style hood locks.
Hey Eric,  I never thought about the open scoops letting air in, and causing enough positive pressure to pop the hood open (Quite Possible). I ran mine up to a buck fifty (150 mph for the language challenged) several times, and never even gave it a thought. But then again I was young, and dumb back then.  Cool  LOL! The Shet we got away with, and lived to tell about it, never cease's to amaze me. 


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