engine sputters when I punch it
351W with 4160 Holley 600 4bbl vacuum secondary’s why does engine sputter when I punch it? No quick snap off the line. After 30 min drive car bogs down big time? Would like a recommendation for a mechanic to look at this in Brighton Michigan area. Anybody know somebody?
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I don't know anybody in that area.  There are many things that can cause your problem.  All are usually minor tune-up type of stuff.  If you have done some mechanical work you can probably fix it yourself with some suggestions/advise from members here.  Some possible causes of the sputtering when you punch it:  bad spark plug, bad spark plug wire, or bad ignition coil, accelerator pump in the carb is not tuned or working correctly, ignition timing too retarded and/or not advancing correctly.  When you say bog after 30 minutes of driving, you mean will not accelerate or slow to accelerate?  They seem like different issues but often the same cause for both.

Did both of these issues suddenly pop up?  Was the car sitting for a long period of time then these issues started?  Was other work done prior to these issues starting?

Sorry - I do not know anyone in your area either.

But you have been given good advice above.  Any of the above or a combination of them could be the culprit.  Not knowing the history of what has or has not been done recently to your car would make me lean towards a fuel / carburetor issue.  Sitting for any prolonged length of time with today's fuel is a recipe for problems.
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