Ignition Timing
Wow sounds like all your work paid off. I've got to agree on the old tires, are they really from 96? Man that's 23 years ago! Naughty  I wouldn't want to go very far or fast on them. If you don't believe me just ask Paul Walker! I think that had a lot to do with the accident that killed him. Spend the bucks and get some new rubber.  We'd like to keep you around awhile.  Cool

I am glad to hear everything worked out.  A happy engine is a happy driver!  Looking forward to seeing pictures.

Mustang (volt gauge) Mike!
Yeah the tires are 23 years old.  I think the reason they still hold air is the car is kept in the garage and covered so very little sunlight (UV rays) gets to the tires.  I'd like some 15 x 7 wheels as well.  Legendary wheel has nice billet aluminum versions of both Magnum 500's and the styled steel wheels like my car came with.  But every time I start adding up the prices they all seem ridiculously high and I think just new tires are fine.  Besides, the wheels currently on the car are actually the wheels it came with.  They're the chrome styled steel wheels.  I like them, but they are 14".

I see Mustang Mike moved over to the volt gauge camp.  Ammeters make me a little nervous as well.  Especially with an old car and old wiring.  My Mach 1 still has one.  I have a spare and I'm thinking of sending it to Rocketman's Classic Cougar Innovations to have it converted to a volt meter.  It will still look the same, but I think calibrated so 12V is in the middle of the gauge.
Sounds like a real good idea on upgrading the ammeter. As it would suck to stand there, and watch your pride, and joy burn to the ground. My son had just that happen to him several years ago. He had an 86 Mustang he'd built into a nice little street car Had the body done and was ready for paint. He went out to start it one morning, it coughed, backfired, and caught the air cleaner on fire, and pretty much burnt to the ground before the fire department could make the 15 blocks to his house. He said it sucks to have to stand there, and watch you "Hard-On" burn to the ground. After getting over the loss he called it Crispy! So yeah Good Idea.


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