Lot's Of Things...
The car is super clean.  Are there any bugs or are you 100% satisfied with it?  I'll tell you, it looks great in the pictures!
I'm very happy with it. 
It isn't 100% yet though.

The passenger side window is very stiff and needs help rolling up and down. 
It's going in the body shop in a couple weeks to have the body professionally aligned. 
The gaps are uneven in places.
The steering isn't perfect. It has some play. It's not terrible. Doesn't pull or shake, but has some play. 
No oil leaks. Which is good. I've been known to pull a motor over even a minor oil leak.

Later today (or tonight) I'm installing a new sound system.
An amp with 230 watts per channel RMS x 2 along with a bluetooth controller and a pair of 
JL Audio 6x9's mounted in the rear shelf.

All in all she's a serious head turner, has a beautiful sound, drives straight and smooth, is MUCH more comfortable than I imagined it would be.
It's actually comfy enough for a road trip.
The engine purrrrrrs!
The trans shifts super firm (shift kit + stall converter)

So I have enough to keep me entertained. All the work needed is the kind that's fun to do.

Why the body shop?

The guys there are artists and perfectionists.
They have done work for me for years. We have a good relationship. I always surprise them with lunch for all after a job. 
I think they like being appreciated. 
No doubt, they'll take great care in re-aligning the trunk, hood and doors.
The body looks great as-is but I'm kind of a perfectionist.

The cars are beautiful but were thrown together in the 70's!
I wouldn't say cars of that era were thrown together.  I almost think todays cars with the way they snap together, including the body panels, and with about 50% of them being plastic are more thrown together than cars of that era.  Your body panel alignment issues are most likely due to the mfg. capability of panel and the unibody structure of the time period.  I don't stress over body panel gaps unless something is so far out of whack indicating something serious might be wrong.  If the panel gaps are as good as they would have been originally, I'm okay with it.

Since it is a 2 barrel motor, unless you know for certain, my guess is it still has the stock torque converter in it.  It might have a shift kit or shift improver kit.  I don't know if it's an FMX or C6 trans.  The FMX always had a firm shift in stock form.  With enough throttle, in a lighter car like Mustangs, the FMX would usually chirp tires when shifting into 2nd.  Plus, if it had a loose (high stall speed) torque converter the shifts would not feel as hash by the passengers.  Not saying the trans wouldn't shift hard.  Just that loose torque converters tend to dampen the shift feel by the passengers.
You're probably right about the body gaps. Nothing is off by much.

Someone yanked the FMX and installed a C6.
It shifts hard into 2nd, and chirps in... 3rd!

Has long tube headers and a stainless exhaust.

I agree that maybe it wasn't "thrown" together but technology has changed so body tolerances are tighter and things fit better.

Tonight is the sound system install. Curious how the amp will sound without a receiver.
If I don't like it, I'll pick up one of those classic but modern radios.

Considering a set of Bilstien shocks.
Anyone using them?
Where did they hide the fuse box?   Laughing

Is it the small brown one to the right of the column?
I'm used to GM. 
But in that big, easy to access space by our left foot (A good spot for a fuse box) 
There's nothing but well-lit open space.

I'm going to hide a waterproof relay under the hood to power the amp. I want the amp powered key on and accessory on.  That will power the relay and the relay will power the amp. Have to run the wire under the car in split loom, then through a rubber grommet into the trunk. The amp will be rubber mounted in the truck.
I installed the new KONI non adjustable street shocks in my 1969 Mach 1.  KONI seems more period correct for my car which is always important to me.  Plus, Bilstien's are just too pricey for my budget.  I have however, heard good things about Bilstein shocks on these older cars.  My only suggestion is whatever you select, avoid a high pressure gas shock.  If you have soft mushy springs, the high pressure gas shocks are not too bad.  Otherwise, they usually create a rough ride on these cars.
I'm not looking to firm the suspension at all. 
This car will never see track day. It goes out for ice cream and looks good!

I found oil leaking from a shock while running the wire for the amp.
Just some seepage but that's how it starts. 

I'm looking to keep the already soft ride. I'm VERY gun shy about shocks with so many valved for performance. Not interested in firm at all. 
In the Jeep world, Bilstein shocks ride well.

Are the Koni shocks soft? That's all I'm really looking for.
If you are looking for a shock that will make the suspension stiffer, KYB Gas-A-Just shocks will do that.  I tried those once on a 4wd long bed Ford Ranger back in the late 1980's.  The ride was terrible.  Could feel every little pebble and crack in the road.  Railroad tracks and those reflective markers dividing the lanes were miserable.  I removed them after a few months.  Since then, in my mind, KYB's are a relatively cheap shock.  I think popular because they are marketed as a low cost performance shock.  I'd look for most anything else before using KYB shocks.

I like the KONI STR.T shocks I installed on my 69 Mach 1.  They are not a high pressure gas shock and more of a higher quality stock replacement shock.  Other options to keep the ride the same are something like Monroe Matics or something from Gabirel.  I am not familiar with Bilstein shocks to know if they will effect the ride on these older Mustangs.

Man read the guy's post! 
  His first sentence says He's not looking to firm the suspension at all. Then he says all it does is go out for Ice Cream, and look good. No reason to reply if he's looking to stiffen the suspension? Cause obviously he's not. 

I did read the guys post.  That's why I mentioned KYB Gas-A-Just shocks will make the suspension stiffer.  Then continued with possible options that are stock replacements and will not make the suspension stiffer.

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