Lot's Of Things...
Funny how Jeeps "grow" over time.   Laughing

I was looking for a CJ7 when I ran across the Sahara.
All the CJ's I looked at were modified... not in a good way. 
I had a CJ7 a while back and sold it. Why? I shouldn't have.

My rear windows are fixed. They don't roll down.
I got the console. It's just set into place, no screws in it yet. The supplied screws sure are long.
The pic is kinda washed out because of the sun shining into the garage.
Still waiting for the Mach 1 clock delete bezel. It'll be here tomorrow.

[Image: eju9p2.jpg]

I also changed the shift bezel. The original looked kinda worn after 45 years.   Laughing

[Image: 2myu6au.jpg]

I also converted the washer fluid reservoir to a coolant recovery tank. Life in the desert means rain half a dozen times a year. The Mach will never see rain again as long as I'm alive. 

[Image: hx2gyp.jpg]

I used to have a black & gold "Bandit" Trans Am. It attracted attention but not like the Mach. It's attracts way more!
Today at a stop light, a local motorcycle cop said, NICE!
I thanked him.
I thought the rear windows rolled down. I guess not, or at least not on this car.

I like the way the rear seat is hidden.
"Sorry, no back seat"    Laughing

[Image: 32zkoc8.jpg]

I ordered a 230 watt x 2 RMS amp along with a bluetooth controller.

Now to find the hardest hitting 6x9's available.
I grabbed a set of quarter window regulators from a '72 hardtop parts car we had for awhile, so mine 'technically' will roll up/down, but I haven't poked any holes in the quarter trim panels for the cranks - I have a set of SPAL universal power window drive units I still need to install.


I'd already installed and wired up a set of Autolocs, but they sucked.  These are much better - separate tracks for the drive belts, rather than running them through the same flexible tube (the belt's teeth were impacting and damaging each other as they passed by in the same tube).  This kit doesn't show the switches - but my center console was Swiss cheese from a bunch of lights and toggle switches (the owner thought he was James Bond or something), so I put all 4 power window switches there, a la Camaro/Firebird style.
Yeah, power windows. Why didn't I think of that!
I'll start looking around.

You've done some great work on you're Mach.
She's a beauty.
Thanks Man!  Yours is pretty dang sweet as well!
My clock delete plate came in today (all excited)

I guess it doesn't take much to excite us.
I told my wife, she was like, yawn. 

[Image: 2usc3t2.jpg]
I must have missed a couple of your postings.  The car really looks great both inside and out and the clock delete plate fills the void nicely!  I have to admit, I get a lot of yawns here at my house too.  I am guessing our wives didn't get bitten by the same bug we did!
More excitement!
Picked up my plate today.

[Image: 20029.jpg]

The interior is pretty much done. 
Need pwer window stuff and gonna re-hook the A/C

[Image: 1pytxh.jpg]

[Image: 2pp0wuq.jpg]

[Image: 2gw8942.jpg]
SWEET!!!  Thumbup

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