Home Made Heim Joint Struts
Thanks for sharing your work.  I have seen similar work online but your how-to work is far more detailed.  I am not an engineer so I am not going to take a position on functionality but Cobra Automotive in my hometown is a leader in vintage Mustang restoration, racing and competition parts. They offer this type of strut rod for racing.  Below is an advertisement for their competition strut rods from their catalog:

Adjustable competition strut rods are a must for maximum performance for high speed braking stability. They eliminate the conventional rubber strut bushings which can flex causing excessive front end movement under heavy braking and extreme driving conditions. They completely eliminate this problem by using much heavier duty solid spherical rod ends in place of the stock bushings.  Front end alignment is made easier by a simple turn of the adjusting sleeve for caster changes.  

Attached a picture of what they offer for $400.

Nice job on your thread!

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