Another Rare Find
I came across this article on internet.  How come I can't find cool stuff Sadcry
(02-02-2018, 09:48 PM)Mustangmike Wrote: I came across this article on internet.  How come I can't find cool stuff Sadcry

how owe awsome is this.  I often wondered what I would do if I ever came across a car like this ?  
I would have have to mortgage my life to restore it !   (Not) but I would be nice to have one .
Not too far from home for you either.
C'mon, another article about the sale of a rare car and no sale price.  I'm curious what somebody is willing to pay for a rare car like that.  Probably much more than it's worth to me and more than I could ever afford.  But, I'm still curious.

Too bad the original motor is gone.  Was the original trans still with the car?  Or did I miss that?
I know what you mean.  It's like asking a woman how old is she is.  You just don't do it.  I guess if they disclosed the selling price everyone would be heckling that they paid too much or the seller got ripped off.  In regards to the transmission that is gone too. It's funny everything that made that car rare is missing (i.e., scj stuff) and I am guessing the only drag pack option still with the car are the 4:30 gears.  If I were a betting man I would say the remote oil cooler went with the engine as well.   Luck always has it those desirable 428's and HIPO engines tend to file for divorce with the cars they originally were married to.   

Out of curiosity, what do you think the guy paid for the car?  Remember, the engine parts he located did not come with the car so he basically purchased a VIN with a good story.
I have no idea what something like that is worth.  Like you said, they basically purchased a VIN tag.  To me, it's not worth much in the condition it's in.  Maybe a few thousand dollars.  But some people have more dollars than sense.  And they seem to be driving up the cost of this hobby.
Yeah...a few thousand is a reasonable price but I am guessing the guy dropped at least for $10,000, if not a bit more.  Unless of course the person selling it was completely clueless as to what they had.  But what really makes the car valuable is the original drivetrain.  After all that is what made this car the rare find and unfortunately that is what is missing.  Then again, when the car is complete the Marti report, this Hot Rod magazine article, and the VIN will tell the story of the car.

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