remote mirror co ax
does anyone know how to replace remote mirror co ax cable or anyone that has the replacement cable.1973 driver sport mirror remote cable Notallthere

Removal is actually quite simple. The inside adjustment knob has a chrome ring/bezel around it. This simply unscrews, right tight, left loose. Once the bezel is off. Remove the passenger mirror from the door. It would be best if you had 2 people to do this, as now you have to pull gently on the mirror, (one person) while  the other person gently pushes the other end of the cable/knob through the hole, and help it as it slides under the dash, you need to go slowly, and watch exactly how the cable is routed under, and through the dash, as it needs to go back, as close as possible to the original, otherwise to many bends, or curves will cause binding in the cables, and a hard or impossible to adjust mirror. The one thing I need to ask is whats wrong with yours? Is it froze or broken? If it's frozen you can soak the cable's (3) down with some ATF on a rag and let it soak into the cables. The cables are very similar to a throttle cable on a lawn mower a wound wire metal casing with a adjustment cable through the center. Years of exposure may have just stuck them. Lubing them will very likely get it working again. you may even be able to get it working, without removing it from the car using spray lube, it's just a lot messier. I've fixed several this way. Good Luck!

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I have not seen replacement cables by themselves.  I have heard of people removing the cables from the mirrors but have never done it myself.  If they are simply stuck follow the suggestion of jts.

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