Brighter head lites with out LED's
,All of use driving our old cars want brighter head lights .  To get them we thought going to expensive options like led's  was the only way to accomplish that .
I just read on another mustang forum about a relay kit avalible for our cars to allow full voltage to our existing incandescent lights or seal beam halogens.

From the pic's and information ,it's a no brainier .

This relay allows a full 14 volts to the head lights with out putting a high draw on the existing wiring or switch. 

Far less money too , much cheaper solution than installing high grade alternatives that cost a lot more money.

I think this is a great solution for many of us . Check them out at.
COOL COOL COOL !!!  Cool  Thanks for sharing! This guys got tons of neat stuff for our old Mach1's. 


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