Freedom Road Rally
I just wanted to put this out there , there is an organization called freedom road rally. They focus on holding a yearly road rally / tour.  They have had them in several states . Last year it was Minn , my wife and i. Participated in that one and drove a total of 2000 mile in our 69 Mach 1 , with out a hitch.
This year's event will be held in Penn and we will be making that one too.
This event bring in people from all over the U.S Fl , Az , Ga, Minn , Mi , Co and more. We meet and made some awesome friend from Canada last yr.
Last year they had 80 cars running all over the state of Minn.  This year's event  sound like it will be even bigger.

Any how if anyone has any desire or interest here is the web site

Checked out.

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Definitely sounds like a good time. I will check out the website for sure. Thanks. 

That sounds like quite an interesting event!

Thanks for sharing the possibility.

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