New member from Germany and owner of a 1971 Mach 1
Hi , I'm happy to find the expert forum for Mach 1 Mustangs.
I would like to intrioduce in a few words how I got to my favourite car and who I am.
After a horrible Mexican 'Buy a Mustang' story I now can be called an official Mustang 1971 Mach1 owner. Most of you will think, that could not happen to me , so did I, to be honest. I wasted €uros with no chance to get one of these special characters into jail. Sad story but done deal.  :loser:
After this , infected and alerted, I got  an additional opportunity last year to buy one here at Germany , years in the country , stored somewhere, but never registered. The most funny thing, exactly the same model, 1971 Mach1, 351 C, colour, Light Pewter Metallic paint. 
I thought the car was in a good condition and I emotionally bought it, put it on a trailer to get it home. Lots of things to do I found and still find out over the last couple of month. 
I'm now happy to find this forum with all of you, believing in your expertise to help getting my American dream on the road.
I try to fix most of things on my own and be happy to have it in my barn.

Thanks and cheers


Hi Thomas,

Welcome to the site and sorry to hear about your Buy a Mustang story and your financial loss.  What exactly happened and how were you able to finally press charges?   Also, I am happy to hear you found another 71 Mach 1 locally in Germany.  Often times we make purchases on emotion.  Easy to do when you see the car you always wanted.  What kind of issues are you up against with?

There should be enough technical knowledge here on the site to guide you through some of the challenges with you car.  Post a few pictures.

Kind regards,

Welcome!  I too am curious what the "Buy a Mustang" story entailed.  I have never heard of such a thing before.  You'll find a many people here familiar with the 1971-1973 Mach 1's.  Me, I seem to favor the 1969-1970 Mach 1's.  But there are a lot of others here that prefer the new years and can offer you some great help.
Welcome. The loser's that scammed you need to be used for "Fish Food".  Good to hear you found a Mach1 closer to you. Jump in any time, as there are good people and lot's of info on the 71-73 Mach1's and it's always great to get a point of view from someone in another Country. Welcome. 

Welcome Thomas,

Sorry to hear of your horror story but happy to hear that you have the proper steed in your corral now!

Too bad you did not find us earlier in the game as perhaps we would have been able to help you avoid the unnecessary.  Anyway, we are here for you now and will be happy to help.  Hopefully your Mach 1 life will be great from here on.

We are looking forward to hearing more of your story and perhaps a few pictures of your new treasure.
On request - I tried to keep it short!

My Mexican Mustang Story
In January last year I was scanning, like I did it frequently before, a European vehicle selling platform – – and  I found an interesting offer of a couple of US Muscle Cars. The dealer offered, FORD’s, Dodge….. , all US cars we are dreaming from. I was immediately infected by a 1971 Mustang MACH1 for a really good price of € 8000  plus shipping and customs appr. €10K total.  Low millage, nice interior and also from the outside not really bad.
The company who offered all the vehicles (round about 20 vehicles on the platform of the seller) was called ‘Blackhawk Offshore Racing’ The person who contacted me called himself Raimund Hohlfeuer (German guy). He said that his company is located in Vera Cruz and he is collecting vehicles from NA and Mexico, also new Pick Ups and SUV’s. He called me on my mobile and answered all my questions about the vehicle, send contact companies in Germany incl. Logistic companies and an agent name with phone number and email address.
Emotionally I was infected about the fact having that vehicle in Germany for that low amount of money in that condition. He wanted to have €1000 to start the process getting the vehicle ready for transport and stored in a container to ship it together with 3 other cars to Germany. He gave me also one contact name in Berlin from one of the other customers.
He send a contract with the entire ID no and a copy of the title. He also told me , that it will take appr. 4 weeks to get the vehicle to Germany, where I want to have it, depending on unloading and customs in Belgium.  I was so blind that I transferred the € 1000 to a Mexican Bank account, signed the contract and I proudly presented photos from the car to my friends and told them that I made the big deal. He also said that an agent will contact me to hand over the original title. (Phone No. and email forwarded). I asked for the lading paper and he promised to send it when the car is on the ship to Antwerpen in Belgium.
Even after the transfer of the money RH called me and answered my questions regarding the transport from Belgium to Germany. My first intention was, to take the car from the harbour in Antwerpen personally and drive to Cologne with my brother. So the plan changed and I asked for a carrier.  He gave me another offer for that, but with the request of an additional € 350.- .
I told him I’ll pay the carrier directly when the car shows up in front of my new barn, which I found in the meantime. I was still awaiting the lading paper with the name of the container ship, the number and the estimated arrival date. That tooks a lot of time and it was the first time I was really concerned about my emotional buy.
When he send the paper, I immediately looked on a  special page in the internet to identify the position of the ship. Horrible, but then I was convinced that I fu… it up. The ship was in Indonesia and not on the way via Southampton in the UK. I called him again and he told me that this is wrong and he said that the ship left Southampton and it’s on the way to Belgium.
Due to a friend and his good relationship in FORD to the custom department I found out that a receiving paper will be created as soon as the vehicle is leaving the ship and enters customs. I asked for that document and RH could not provide after he told me the vehicle has reached his destination in Belgium.
3 days later RH called me and ask for another € 850.-  to get the vehicle through customs and put it on a truck. My contract clearly said that this is included; therefore I told him I’ll not transfer any additional money before I do not see the vehicle. That would be in front of my barn.
At this point I was sure that I wasted or sunk € 1000.- , because he mentioned if the money is not transferred he’ll sell the car to another reseller in Belgium.
That was the last contact to him. I told a colleague what happened and he has a Mexican friend living close to Vera Cruz. This guy investigated in the Mexican Internet and found the vehicle on a Mexican platform, exactly the same pictures and offered for €13.500 and still available at a different seller. He also drove to Vera Cruz and looked for the company. The street was there but the company not. Empty buildings but that’s it.
In the meantime I bought the other Mustang Mach 1, even with the risk to have 2 Mach1 Mustangs 1971, but in my new garage or barn I could easily store 2 vehicles. This unfortunately as you now know, did not happen.  

Lessons learned? – I learned a lot about required documents and the next time I would do this kind of exercise only with an experienced and known carrier or seller, not on my own.

This should be a warning story for all emotional buyers of things which we are dreaming of.

best regards 
Welcome from the state of Iowa Wave . Unfortunately in this day and age people find it easier to scam good honest people out of their hard earned money than to find a real job. Sorry to hear you are another victim of these people. On a positive note looks like you found a really nice 71. Being the curious person I am, what kind of truck is that you have pulling your trailer?
(01-12-2018, 01:23 AM)BLACK JADE 69 Wrote: Welcome from the state of Iowa Wave . Unfortunately in this day and age people find it easier to scam good honest people out of their hard earned money than to find a real job. Sorry to hear you are another victim of these people. On a positive note looks like you found a really nice 71. Being the curious person I am, what kind of truck is that you have pulling your trailer?

it is a Ford Ranger Wildtrack with a 3.2 l 5 Cyl. Diesel engine. Euorpean Ranger made in South Africa.
Well Thomas I have to give you credit, you are taking this a lot better then I would. I'd do every thing possible to bring the authorities down on them. Then boil them in oil, or tar and feather them. Glad you found a legit deal on the second one. Very nice looking Mach1!


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