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That's what I thought. I have seen news blurbs from Ford saying they are bringing the Ranger back and that is very similar to the pictures I have seen. Looks like it gets the job done for you. Congrats on the new Mustang!! Drink_to_that
1969 MACH 1


I have read your detailed story and it is very unfortunate to say the least.  Some people work very hard to get the things in life that bring them happiness and fulfilment and then you got the others. Unfortunately, you met up with the others.

On a positive note, I like your 71 Mach 1.  That is my favorite year and color combo of the 71-73 models.  You have good taste.  I also like your Ranger.  I own a 1997 Ford Ranger (2 wheel drive) and when or if it ever needs to be replaced I will definitely be in the market for one of the new ones.



Nice cars are few and far between in Mexico - but now you know that.

Still .. you have done well and ended up with a very nice looking example of a Mach 1.  Enjoy and keep us updated on your progress.
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