Rare 428SCJ Drag Pack Mustang Mach 1
I stumbled across this article while online this morning. You will find most of the story is in the video not the article.  This car gives me tingles!

Nice rare car.  I like that blue Ford used back then.  I was hoping they would have mentioned the sale price and shown more of the car.  Any guesses on what it sold for (or should have sold for) in that condition, $10K, $15K?  I was also curious how well it survived storage for all those years.  You know, rusted floor, trunk etc.
Hey, Mike, Happy New Year! I was also curious in regards to the selling price.  The story kind of left me hanging with unanswered questions about the car and wish they had showed more of the car and less of the little kid. I am guessing based on the rarity of the car it sold north of $30k.  I think this car probably ranks up there in value with the 69 Shelby's.
Thank you.  Happy New Year to you as well!

North of $30K.  I am no where close.  I know a local classic car dealer has sold fully restored R-code 1969 Mach 1's without the drag pack in the $55K range.  I guess if they have only parts and no labor cost for restoration, when finished they would have $60 or so invested in the car.

You know, housing, cost of living, and taxes are so high where I live on the west coast, I cannot wrap my head around how someone would have disposable income for something like that.  I see and hear of it happening.  Almost doesn't seem realistic to me.  What part of the country did this occur in?
I am only taking a guess on the selling price and I may be way off.  Here is a similar car but a "Q" code fully restored that sold on Barrett Jackson for $121,000.

I know it was a guess.  But, you might not be far off the way both the buyer and seller were drooling over the car.  Pricing for late 60's and early 70's muscle cars that are in need for full restoration seems off these days.  What somebody would pay $1000 to $1500 for 20 years ago is now $10K or so.

Barrett Jackson auction selling prices always seem either much too high or much too low.
Barrett Jackson Sucks!!! They are the reason that a $1000.00 to $1500.00 car doesn't exist anymore. Hell they've made it so that people with 78 Fairmonts etc. are worth 3 or 4 Thousand dollars! They weren't worth that new. But thanks to "B.J." now everything is priceless!!! They  pretty much ruined the car hobby for the average guy big time.  Just My Thoughts!

Hey JTS...Happy New Year!  I can't disagree with you on B.J.  Also, reality T.V. shows like Counting Cars, Gas Monkey Garage and even American Pickers have contributed to over pricing/valuing.  Hey that is why I buy the poor man cars and make them look like the real ones.  Just as fun!
(01-11-2018, 09:34 AM)Mustangmike Wrote: Hey JTS...Happy New Year!  I can't disagree with you on B.J.  Also, reality T.V. shows like Counting Cars, Gas Monkey Garage and even American Pickers have contributed to over pricing/valuing.  Hey that is why I buy the poor man cars and make them look like the real ones.  Just as fun!

I agree with you on all the "others" contributing to the Problem! It's easy to do things when you're using TV Money!!! I have to rely on My Money which always seems to be in a lot shorter supply.

It looks like the seller and the buyer were happy with the deal - I guess that makes it a good story.

It is a nice looking car but I am sure it was out of my league but I am also happy with what I have.

I would gladly take my 69 Red Mach 1 back again but that's another story.

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