A Poor Man’s Mach 1: 1969 Mustang Fastback
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A classic Mustang came into Terry James’ field of view in a very unusual way. He was driving around Wichita Falls, Texas, waiting for the opportunity to take a photo of his old truck’s odometer as it flipped to 300,000. He said, “I turned down a street where the sun was right, took a picture, and looked up to see a yellow ’70 fastback in this driveway and kids playing football in the street.”

The front end of a 1970 Mach 1 was “sticking way up in the air,” in James’ words, so he thought that maybe the owner wanted to get rid of it. James asked one of the kids if he knew who owned the Mustang. It was owned by the kid’s father, Ben, who was home at the time. James said, “He came out and talked to me and said it wasn’t for sale, but he’d just bought a ’69 fastback from his preacher. He was just helping his preacher out, and if I wanted that car I could have it, but it was rough.”

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Good luck with that feller. "Rough" is certainly one way to describe your acquisition.   Dave R.

Rough certainly describes it.  Sadly, most cars of this age that are ready for a restoration are in this condition.

Yup, rough it is but if I read the article correctly they say there is not much rust on the car.  Hard to believe looking at the pictures.

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