Happy New Year!!! Let's all get DRUNK!!! Not! Heck I don't even like the thought of it anymore. Dick Clark's gone, and I'm to old for this shet. I'll be in bed by the time the "Ball Falls". Oh well, Happy New Year anyway.


PS Man This Getting Old Sucks!
Happy New Year to everyone! 

Funny, I was watching NYC Time Square last night and everyone, even the hosts, looked ridiculously cold.  I think they talked more about the frigid temperatures than anything else.   It's so cold here even the dog doesn't want to get off the couch!
I know what you mean, I brought my dogs in the house last night, as it was 7 degrees F this morning IN ARKANSAS!!! Damn it's cold!

We are having the opposite over here. Last couple of weeks it has been in the mid 30's © wjth humidy in the 60's  Sadcry damn hot and soaking wet all day.
Yeah you guys have the seasons opposite of us. Do you ever have a winter with snow ice etc? I've read a little bit on Oz land, but don't remember about the weather?Oh well Stay cool. If I could box this cold up I'd send you some. LOL.

Yes please send as much of that cold that you can  Laughing We don't get any snow here but sometimes they get some in the southern states but only a little bit. I think Tasmania gets a bit.
(01-03-2018, 06:51 PM)Oztrailer Wrote: Yes please send as much of that cold that you can  Laughing We don't get any snow here but sometimes they get some in the southern states but only a little bit. I think Tasmania gets a bit.

Wow, I actually don't hate winter as much as most people around here do. I was born and raised the first 25 years Just south of Chicago Illinois and I've lived through several Blizzards, think Sand Storm, with Ice and Snow! Usually accompanied by 30 to 40 mph winds and severe cold, I've seen -43 F below zero, and -77 F below zero wind chill factors. So this stuff we had in Arkansas this last week, almost makes me homesick..... NOT! Whats the coolest it gets down there??? I'll bet the Air Conditioning people do a good bit of business. 
Well do your best to stay cool ! 

You would have to be a snowman to like them temperatures  Laughing It is quite mild where I am , middle of winter might get a few days close to zero overnight but they average around 5 C to low to mid 20's. Probably not even cold for you guys.
Yeah your 0 c is are 32 F, which is chilly but not really that cold. As long as the sun is out 32 F isn't bad at all. A medium weight jacket, and I'm good. Your weather seems quite pleasant, but I really like the changing of the seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, we usually have 4 distinct weather changes. Every now and then they seem to get mixed up a little.  

Blizzard today here in CT.  I made it in to work and home safely but that is only with 4 wheel drive.  Saturday's high temperature is supposed to be 7 degrees F.  Another week with no work on the Freezelane I am mean Fairlane!  My wife and I are going to brave the outside elements and go in the hot tub and relax.

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