72 mach1
new to this site and forums in general First car was 71 mach1. Currently working on 72 Q code Arizona Mach1 Curious about correct paint for under hood and frame. In process of replacing front fender aprons and radiator support that was previously cut and welded in very poorly any help would be appreciated. Also how find out if I have an original radiator
many other questions to come
Welcome! Lots of good people, and lots of info here. Somebody will be along in a while, and help you with your questions. As the topic of underhood colors etc have been discussed, and debated several times before. So jump in anytime we're always glad to have another Mach 1 Nut on our hands!

Welcome aboard.  First question I have is why were the front aprons and radiator support replaced? If it was due to the car being in an accident I would place a bet the radiator may have been damaged and is not original. However, I could be wrong.  I believe the earlier Mustangs had a tag soldered to the top of the radiator.  You can also check the frame (side) of the radiator for any markings/stampings.  I believe the aftermarket radiators are void of any markings.

When you say under the hood are you referring to the bottom side of the hood or engine compartment?  I believe the bottom side of the hood was painted the same color as the car but I will let the 72 owners chime in on the correct paint colors.  I prefer semi gloss black paint for the engine compartment.  You can either rattle can it or use a more durable urethane paint like Hot Rod Black.  I have done both and I was happy with the results both ways.  What is nice about semi gloss black it is easy to touch up if it gets scratched when wrenching.  I attached a picture of a car a rattled can with semi gloss paint. 

Are you going to replace the aprons and support yourself?  If so, post some pictures of your progress and let us know if you have any questions.

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I haven't come across anybody that knows the correct black and sheen for the engine compartment.  I've heard others use Hot Rod black like Mustangmike mentioned.  I don't know what black paint the painter sprayed my engine compartment with.  He called it an egg shell finish.  It has a little less sheen than semi gloss black.  It's closer to a Satin Black.

I've sprayed engine compartments with a low cost tough up paint gun from Home Depot and obtained very good results.  The finish is better than spray cans and it seems to stay looking good longer.  Mustangmike's spray can engine compartment looks good.  But, it's more difficult with spray cans to cover everything fast enough to eliminate dry spots.  I remember my older brother used spray cans in the engine compartment of his 69 Mach 1 back in the early 1980's.  It looked okay when it was fresh but doesn't stay looking good for very long.

I guess what I am saying if your only option is spray cans for the engine compartment, buy the best you can and use them.  I'd stay away from Duplicolor brand.  They have a nice spray pattern for a can but the coverage is extremely light and you will need a lot of cans.  Plus you have to move slow to apply a wet coat so you can end up with more dry spots.  If you have an air compressor available, use a touch up paint gun with automotive paint.  Even a low cost tough up paint gun from a place like Home Deport.
1969 Mach 1 (Mike) makes some good points about the rattle can approach.  I would say there are both advantages and disadvantages to the rattle can approach.  So depending what your goal is with your car you have a couple options.  On my 66 Mustang I ended up epoxy priming the engine compartment, outside aprons and frame rails then spraying it with Hot Rod Black Urethane paint.  I have to say the finish is very durable. 

The engine compartment in the picture I posted above was in good condition so I ended up scrubbing it down with a degreaser, soap and water then scuffed it with a red scotch bright pad.  I took compressed air and blew out all the nooks and crannies then wiped the entire compartment down with Prep All.  In my case the original black paint became the primer for the rattle can top coat.  This is the paint I used. 

[Image: 41cUZvZYkZL._SL500_AC_SS350_.jpg]

For comparison the epoxy primer and hot rod black paint job probably cost $150 and the rattle can job was more like $35.
There you go.  VHT is much better than Duplicolor.  Duplicolor is available everywhere but I don't like it.  It dry's fast but doesn't cover well at all. I kind of think Duplicolor like's the fact that their paint doesn't cover well so they sell more of it.

Sounds like good advice from the rest of the gang.  If your going for concourse you will need to do a bit more research, most of us who are currently responding have driver cars and have gone the route of what our personal taste was.  Anyway, a 72 Mach 1 has a black engine compartment, body color on the underside of the hood.  The frame is the same black as the engine compartment but only so far back.

What are your plans for the car?
Welcome from Iowa Wave
Thanks for the suggestions on the engine compartment paint. Will probably end doing semi gloss
For mustang mike  yes car was in an accident at sometime. Some experts! had torched everything out of a parts car including some of the shock tower. Then tack welded it in place. Plus it was Rusting out  Between spot welds
Radiator has a c7med number stamped in the top thought maybe C7 was a ford #
That is what I figured.  At least this time around the car will be repaired correctly.  In regards to the radiator C7ME-D is a Ford part number.  Here is a link that identifies it for you:


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