72 mach1
thanks for link so my radiator could be from a 68 390/428
please post how to post pictures and update profile thanks
currently own 1972 Mach 1 and 1979 cobra with 302/4 speed was 2nd car purchased after previously driving a 71 mach
as teenager.

All of the members help and knowledge is really appreciated
I assume you are having difficulty uploading pictures due to the size of the picture.  You need to resize the picture on your computer before uploading them to the site.  This is how how I do it:

In your computer's directory where your pictures are kept select the picture(s) you want to upload:
  • Click the "Edit" button on the toolbar and select "Resize"
  • Choose either 1024, 800, 640  (I prefer 1024 because it allows you enlarge the phot in the post)
To upload pictures here to the site do the following:
  • Click on the Browse button in the Attachment section
  • Locate the directory where your pictures are kept
  • Find the "Resized" picture that you want to upload and click on it
  • Click the add attachment button
Repeat the above if you want to add more than one picture.
  • Click the Post Reply button to post your thread and pictures
In regards to updating your profile, I believe it is as simple as double clicking on your user name. This will bring you into your user profile.  There you can select the tabs you want to update.  Let me know if this helps you. 


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