To Restore or Not to Restore. Sometimes A Tough Decision To Make
The first generation Mustangs that we all love and enjoy are now quickly turning 50 years old. In that time many cars have been restored—some more than once—to meet or exceed today’s judging criteria that keep evolving to higher standards. The other side of the coin tailors towards the restomod market as technology continues to move forward and we want to enjoy the same creature comforts in our classic cars. No matter which route you choose, bringing these cars back to life can be a very fulfilling journey. Mustangs today are still as popular as they were when they were first introduced to us in the mid 1960s.

A very interesting story.  I am not sure which way I would have gone with that decision.  Initially I leaned toward driving an unrestored (used) Boss 302 not having to worry too much about rock chips etc.  BUT with his health issues and how he came across the funds and the desire mentioned for it's use - perhaps the better decision was to restore.  But will he now be able to use the car and truly enjoy it?

I have never had such a decision to make.  My love of the Mach 1 and Mustang come from pre-High School days when I was looking for my own Mustang that I could actually afford and enjoy.  The cars that I have purchased were well used and were not so special.  The decision was evident, mine were cars to be used, to be improved, to make "newer" and better but never candidates for a full restoration.
I would be too scared (nervous) to drive a restored car after the amount of dollars you need to sink into restoring them.

About two months ago I was driving mine down the highway and there was a slower moving semi in the left hand lane. As I approached it I pulled out to go around it and as I drew level with the back wheels the inside tyre blew. I had my window down so this thing exploded next to my ear and showered my door mostly and some of the panel behind the door and the side of my head with small rocks and crap. It was like a shotgun blast. My ear was ringing for a while after. I stopped and had a quick look to make sure none of the tyre had whacked the car and luckily it hadn't but there were tiny chips and dust all over the panels. I was pretty upset about it, I took it home and parked it in the shed. I couldn't look at it. Three weeks later I decided I should wash it and see how bad the damage was. The door copped most of it, I don't know how many little chips there are in the paint but nothing I could do about it. I have some paint so I will try to touch it up with a pointy paintbrush, it will take me a while. My car isn't perfect but if it had been a restored car I reckon I would have been devastated.  Sadcry
I feel the same Oztrailer.  Mine is not perfect, fully restored but definitely not a concourse restoration.  And after the years of my hard work and money, every time I drive it I'm a bit on edge.  I don't go on the highways and freeways with it, but even in town traffic in California is horrible.  It's never a comfortable drive I can enjoy.  I drive it occasionally merely to exercise the car.
(10-30-2017, 07:41 PM)Oztrailer Wrote: I would be too scared (nervous) to drive a restored car ..

I was pretty upset about it, I took it home and parked it in the shed. I couldn't look at it. Three weeks later ..

My car isn't perfect but if it had been a restored car I reckon I would have been devastated.  Sadcry

Hey Steve O - Great illustration of real life issues!

Wow, thankfully you and the Mach 1 are okay (you didn't mention anything about how the driver's seat faired).

Imagine what it would have been like for a passenger!

I had a friend back in high school who experience the same but the truck had a split rim and the split ring blew off and hit his car.  I don't think I have ever passed a semi without expecting something to happen ever since.
Great story and a difficult question to answer, especially when it comes to the highly collectible cars such as the one in the article.  I know the survivor cars are becoming more desirable and valuable these days.  When I go to car shows and see a survivor car, or just an unrestored car, they seem to be far more interesting to me than the restored cars do.  When you see a car in its original unrestored state your mind automatically starts thinking about the life of the car.  When you see a restored car your mind goes in a completely different direction and it is more about the quality and detail of the restoration work done to the car. 

I agree with OZ Trailer and Mike (1969_Mach 1) regarding being too nervous to drive the car.  Like Mike, I often only take my Mustang out only to exercise it.  I am more worried nowadays about distracted drivers.  It is more often than not I have to lay on my horn to un-distract a distracted driver straying over the center line in road.  With that said, I avoid driving my car during peak hours.

Good article.
Hey Steven the seat faired ok Shock. My daughter Shelby and her boyfriend Tom were a bit shaken. I am just glad that I kept it straight and the bang didn't make me veer off the road at 100 km/h. That would have been messy. I am very nervous alongside semi's now.

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