At least on the road you don't see many 69 or 70 Mustangs, let alone Mach 1's on the west coast.  It seems every time one sells it goes to the mid west, east coast, or Australia.  There is a local classic car dealer in my area.
That is pretty sad - predictable but sad.  Confused
Two things:
1)  Would a V12 (XJ12) Jaguar or Daimler Double 6 front loom get you out of a fix?   I might know people who know people.  Drink_to_that
2)  At a much reduced level I have just bought another Daimler knowing it had (non mechanical) non run problems - Lucas electrics will do that.  Punch line is more rust than I would like to see AND water damaged electrical items INSIDE the passenger area.  Huh   Plus the lights don't work at all and some peoples idea of 'clean' and mine are not quite the same.  Notallthere  I said my problems were reduced!
Happy to check out the loom if that would help - let me know.
I have entered the new baby in Racewars 2018 so I HAVE to get it working reliably.  Word is the CPS on the particular model I have is a known problem area - I hope that is all I have to contend with in the end.  Pray
Good explanation - understandable - kind-of sad.

Oh well, moving on..  I still thing that with a universal "Painless Wiring" harness you might be able to continue although the plastics would still be an issue.  Another parts car or another car with what you have as a parts car might work best.

How about a 70/71 Torino?  Not that those are available at the drop of the hat nor cheap but ..
At this point only God Knows. 
Well guys the "Brain" never shuts off! It's annoying as heck, I have had A.D.D and A.D.H.D. long before they knew what to call them.  My brain is like someone flipping channels on an old tv. You watch each channel for 15 to 20 seconds to see if it catches your eye, if not zoom onto the next channel. That's my "Brain"  every now and then it helps, as it's constantly trying to solve the problems I've encountered, some from 10 minutes ago, and sometimes weeks later, then "pop" goes the light bulb. Well that's what happened a little while ago. As I informed you all last week, My Jacobra build came to a screeching halt, as i had found it burnt behind the dash. Well I searched Craigslist with search tempest, (Thanks Mustang Mike) and found 6, XJS Jaguars within about 500 miles of me. Working for the school I only get paid once a month, (SUCKS) so I'm waiting till payday the 20th, (tomorrow) to start making phone calls. All of a sudden My brain says hey you??? Why don't you look on Ebay and see if they don't have some kind of a compact AC/ Heat unit similar to what they use in some of the school buses??? Lo and behold They make just such a critter, and they're cheap about 100 bucks! It's both AC and Heat, in a self contained unit about 16 inches wide 13 inches deep and 5 1/2 inches tall which should allow it to be inserted behind the dash of the Jacobra and run some duct hose and I'm in business!!! Yeah there will be some engineering involved but hey I'm building a Hot Rod not a show car So if it works go with it. So now we're back in business, and I'll pull the dash this weekend and find out how much is complete trash and what can be salvaged. I'm seeing one of those simple 12 circut wiring harnesses in my future. YES! Sometimes I have to remember the old saying.  NEVER GIVE UP!!! Thanks God
This Idea is sure a lot cheaper, and less trouble then chasing a parts car!
Glad to hear that you are climbing back into the saddle!

Share some of the air conditioning / heater specifications with us when you make your order.
(10-20-2017, 02:38 PM)Steven Harris Wrote: Glad to hear that you are climbing back into the saddle!

Share some of the air conditioning / heater specifications with us when you make your order.

Will do, at least it's good to know I can work the heat and AC out, I'm thinking I may have to build a complete custom dash, with some of those digital guages with the cobalt blue lighting!  Might be kinda cool! 

But the prices on those digital dashes are shocking!
(10-22-2017, 02:09 PM)Steven Harris Wrote: But the prices on those digital dashes are shocking!

Yeah, there are cheaper versions then the Dakota Digital, I have to agree on the complete dashes, they're nuts. I remember years ago long before Dakota, they had them in JC Whitney catalog for about 20 bucks apiece they were small rectangular 1 1/2" x 3" each gauge, and could be put into a panel, or cut and make your own panel. I haven't had a JC Whitney catalog in several years. Guess it's time to get one. 

PS You only lose when you quit trying. If it's hard we'll do it right away! If it's impossible it'll take a little bit longer!!!

  Hey guys been awhile, and I've finally made some head way on the "Jacobra". I never really gave up. Just kinda backed up, and regrouped. Well about 3 weeks ago I found an 89 XJS (on Search Tempest for Craigslist) that is the virtual twin to mine. The major difference, this one hasn't been on fire! but it is rusty. So after some negotiations, I went to Jennings Louisiana (close to Lafayette) some 500 miles away, and brought it home.  The trip went pretty well. We blew a tire on the trailer, 15 minute fix. Other then that, the only excitement was the morning at the motel. We were getting ready to go, and I heard the door next to ours slam pretty hard, so I went to look outside, and Lo and Behold ! There stood a young black girl, Buck Naked !!! Now I guess her, and her boyfriend must have been arguing, or something as she was crying when she turned around. and looked at me.  Then she went back into the room ! 
   I guess I've lead a sheltered life as in all my 59 years ! I've never seen a little black girl naked before. I was kinda taken aback, and couldn't get the image out of my head. I was still talking about it 4 or 5 days later. Kinda freaked me out.
 But all in all great trip. Got all the parts I need to restore the damaged stuff in mine, and believe it or not with a little work, I got it Running! Now I can sell the Motor and trans to get all my money back. I gave $500.00 for it. By the time it was all over I've got about a $1000.00 tied up in the car and trip. So the "Jacobra" build is back on !  I added a few pics. as you can see it looks just like the first one. You can't see the rust to well, but it's got plenty. And a pretty blue stripe on the sides. 


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