Summer '17 Road Trip #3
Annual Mustang-only show in Prescott AZ last weekend.  No judges, paint polish not required.  Fundraiser for Search & Rescue responders.

Nice to see cars at a show that don't have six figure restorations.  High dollar restorations don't impress me a lot.  Or maybe it simply reminds me I don't have that kind of disposable income.

I'm a little confused why that 70 Mach 1 has front seats with headrests.  Was it a clone or did somebody simply install different seats in their Mach 1?
One word for all 3 posts....AWESOME!! You are doing exactly what I hope to be doing when the kids are grown. Thank you for sharing!!
Great thread and road trip. Don't think it could get much better, but hey keep trying! 
Thanks for sharing your road trip.


Joe might be interested in that 70 that is For Sale.

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