Summer '17 Road Trip #1
2 weeks in June - Las Vegas NV to Bowling Green KY. 3700 miles round trip.

Blew another Cooper Cobra on I-40 at Window Rock AZ.  Tire shop in Grants NM had Hercules RoadTour 455 in my size so I got a pair.  These ride and steer much better than the Coopers.

Old gas station on Rt66 Shamrock TX.

Cloudy day somewhere in Texas panhandle.

Alternator did this in Charleston MO.  It's a Tuff Stuff 130A.  Apparently not so tuff.  Replaced with a reman Motorcraft 85A from local NAPA. 

Bridge over Ohio River at Cairo IL.

At my buddy's house in KY.  He has a 69.  Magnum 17x8s were just added.  I may need to do this so I can have bigger brakes.


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