All-Aluminum 351 Cleveland Engine Build
The 351 Cleveland engine is the Rodney Dangerfield of Ford small-blocks—it gets no respect. The truth is that the Cleveland has a lot of potential, but like most factory offerings, it has a few issues due to budget constraints and assembly line requirements. The Cleveland may have been short-lived in domestic Ford production vehicles, but it has seen a long and healthy life abroad in such countries as Australia. As a matter of fact, Australia has for decades been the "go to" spot for Cleveland goodies to build a strong-running 351C, and we've seen our share of new hardware stateside with intakes, heads, cam and valvetrain parts, and more. So the Cleveland is far from being down for the count.

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570 Horsepower and the light weight to go with it.

Affordability might be an issue for grass root hobbyist such as I but at least the option is available. 

Thanks for sharing.

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