71-73 toploader tailhousing
(08-18-2017, 07:41 PM)Mustangmike Wrote: Hi YLWHRSE,

I don't think the C4 casting necessarily correlates to the spline size of the transmission. Here is a link to David Kee's wed site which shows the casting ID's for different tailhousings and you can see some of the C4 casting numbers are 28 spline. It appears the 25 and 28 spline are interchangeable on the C4 tailhousings. I am pretty sure my transmission's tailhousing is a C4 casting number and it is definitely 28 spline. I will verify my casting number and let you know.

I wondered with the C4 casting number, if sometime in the cars life, an early 25 spline toploader trans was installed.

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