66 Fairlane Project
I thought you were going to say I told you so (LOL)!  You are correct, I don't drive my cars too hard.  I think this was just a fluke.  Not surprising, these heads came with smaller 3/8" studs.  My friend has extra ARP studs this size so I am just going to fix what is broken.  The rocker arm, other than having a decent scratch on the top, is not damaged or binding and the push rod is not bent.  The wear mark on the valve stem is centered so no issues with the geometry.  Luckily the lifter did not pop out so I will back up driving this weekend.   It's funny though, because if my memory serves me correctly this was the same cylinder location of the lifter that was collapsed.  But, I put in all new lifters when I replaced the cam.
I'm getting over a touch of the flu so I didn't have it in me to say I told you so.  I had got a flu shot so it didn't get too bad.  That is odd it's the same cylinder that previously had the collapsed lifter.
(10-15-2019, 07:43 AM)1969_Mach1 Wrote: I'm getting over a touch of the flu so I didn't have it in me to say I told you so.  I had got a flu shot so it didn't get too bad.  That is odd it's the same cylinder that previously had the collapsed lifter.

I remember getting the flu one year after getting my flu shot.  Since then I have been skeptical about getting them.  However, last year I did get one. 

I think it's just coincidence about it being the same cylinder. But I remember the bad lifter being in cylinder 4.

I will have to take a belated "I told you so". Anyway, the flu is not fun so get better soon.
A few years ago I skipped getting the flu shot for the very reason you mentioned, I tend to get the flu after the shot, and I thought I'm tired of this I'll get the flu regardless.  Anyway, I got the flu so bad I spent the night in the ER.

That was half the battle.  I fairly far along recovering from surgery about a month ago to remove a small spot of melanoma from the top of my head.  The ordeal was terrifying but all is okay.  Clean margins and clean sentinel lymph node.  It's all in the rearview mirror now.  Well, except for the fact that apparently the sun doesn't like me anymore.  Laughing
Glad to hear everything is in the rearview mirror (knock on wood).  I most likely will get  flu shot next week.  As far as the sun, I have sort of grown out of it as I get older.  I prefer to stay indoors with the A/C instead of by the pool.

Glad to catch up on the summer's happenings.

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