Repairing Backing Plates
I thought I would share with everyone a quick tip for restoring your old backing plates. Almost every old car I have seen has worn pads on the backing plates from the brakes shoes wearing a groove into the pad.

Instead of purchasing new backing plates you could just fill the grooves with weld and then grind the weld flush. When done grinding you want to make sure the brake shoes lay flush on the pads. When I am done I just place a pair of brake shoes on the backing plates and visually inspect making sure there are no gaps where the shoes meet the pads and they are lying flat on the backing plate.

It also will give you a piece of mind when you install new brakes!

Hope this is tip useful to someone.

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Yep that will make them work every bit as smooth as they did when new. I'll bet virtually no one ever thought about that. Cool Idea.

JTS 71 Mach1

PS I'm not sure I ever remember seeing any worn that much??? Are they off that Fairlane, you got?
Very good tip.

Probably last even longer now that they are rubbing up against welded material.
Glad you guys thought this tip was helpful or at least a good idea. I originally did the backing plates on my Mustang and now again on the Fairlane.

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