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I just caught my mistake. I really did do better then that in spelling class, but it was several years ago. 40 to be exact. Sorry for the misspelling. I can't believe I did that. LOL. JTS 71 Mach1
Interesting - so how far out is "Son of Lug-able"?
Case built, speakers been in and out a few times, power aerial in and tested.
I have had a couple of head units in. I will probably end up only having a memory keeper battery installed and running it from whichever car I have at the time.
50A Anderson plug to connect to the car so the amplifiers get full voltage.
Would you like me to post a picture of it too?
Very unfinished but you will get the idea!
As promised family photo of Lugable and Son

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Yes, I can see the family resemblance.
Once the head unit is in place I will probably make the face plate in aluminium checker-plate. It will have a flush mounted Anderson Plug at the rear to connect to the power supply and a digital volt meter.
Don't you just love over-kill?
A+ on the overkill. JTS 71 Mach1
Did I mention being able to charge your mobile (cell?) phone and run a sub-woofer as well?

Approaching over-kill. I'll let you all know when I think I'm there.
Son-of-Luggable lives! Only powered by a 400w (RMS @ 0.1%THD) 3 way amp PLUS 2 x 55w RMS (same) plus the standard 18w (same) from the head unit - yep pictures will follow - taken at the next car show in 8 days time. Before then it needs balancing and a tidy up - but it works!!!
Waiting on the pics. JTS

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