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Hey Guy's did everybody fall off the face of the earth? Or did the Apocalypse happen and I wasn't one of the lucky ones? If it did there are a lot of unlucky ones as I don't see anyone else missing either. LOL! I know it's the holiday season and everybody has a lot to do besides sit on the puter. Well I haven't been sitting on the puter, I've been building a spoiler for my Jacobra! I know it's not a Mach1, but it's a cool simple do it yourself project that can be done on any car, and as you can see it's shaped out of cardboard and if you don't like something, you can cut or reshape things as you go. It's nothing but cardboard glue together with hot melt glue. I watched a couple videos about bending and shaping cardboard there are a few simple rules but once you see how they do it it's not hard. As you can see the results are pretty neat and since they don't make a spoiler to fit the XJS directly and the universal ones would look a little tacky as far as I'm concerned. I thought what the heck, I'll make my own! What do you think? At this point I'm still working on the general shape with the details starting to take shape and trying to blend it in with the rest of the body lines. Gonna make the end pieces self standing and the piece on the trunk will have pedestals. which will allow the trunk to open normally. Hopefully it will have the appearance of being one piece. Or at least that's the plan. I'll have some more pics comming soon. Merry Christmas To all, just In case I don't get back on here before then. JTS 71 mach1

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Hey JTS, The prototype looks great. I like the look! Since I have never made anything like this what is the next step? Do you apply fiberglass over the cardboard? Very curious.

Happy Holidays!
Well Mike that's the plan. My experience with fiberglass has mostly been limited to repairing fiberglass hoods, scoops, and work on several Corvettes. These were repairs from crash damage, broken, cracked, bolt holes or nut inserts pulled out of the fiberglass etc. This will be the first complete manufacturing of a piece I've ever done, so it will be a learning curve. I've got to put a small wood dowel across the front of the spoiler to create a rounded edge then I will stretch fiberglass mat. over the spoiler and try to keep the shape a couple layers then I can sand it down to a rough shape and add some body filler to finish shaping and get a smooth surface. Sounds easy when you're just talking about it. Fiberglass is messy, sticky, and itchy (for most people). I haven't used it in several years. We'll see if I'm still immune to the itching. As it never used to bother me before. I'll add some more pics when I start fiberglassing it. I may have to get the wife to take the pics, like I said it's sticky stuff. JTS 71 Mach1
Sounds like you have a good plan in place. Smart thinking using a wooden dowel to create the leading edge. I am looking forward to seeing how it comes out.

Since my Mustang project is completed I have been bouncing off the walls looking for something to tinker with. A few months ago, I happened to see a 66 Fairlane locally and it was love at first sight for me. From that day forward, I was hell bent on finding one for myself and last week I found it! I am happier than a mouse in a headliner!
Cool deal on the 66 Fairlane. I had a 67 Fairlane Ranchero That I thought the world of, it was a great old truck/car. The only thing I wasn't in love with on the Fairlane cars was the rear wheel wells, They just didn't quite look to be in the right place I always thought they should have been moved forward a couple inches??? Otherwise I thought they were very good looking cars. Good Luck with it. JTS 71 Mach1
Thanks JTS...I will have to take a closer look at the location of the wheel wells. It's not a big project like the fastback was but it will be fun to tinker around with.

Please keep everyone updated on the progress of your rear spoiler. And let us know what not do when making a spoiler as we learn most from our mistakes!
Amen! on learning from our mistakes! JTS 71 Mach1
Hey, thanks for sharing the spoiler build.

I like the general form of the spoiler and will look forward to it taking shape.

Please keep us (Mike and I) :) informed.

Hey Mike, I will be looking forward to your build on the 66 Fairlane - a favorite of mine as well.

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