1969 Raven Black 390 Looking For
I had an 1969 Mach 1 390 4 speed a long time ago. It was purchased in Monroe, NC and I took it home to Wadesboro, NC and that's where it remained for many years and had 3 owners. It was sold to a gentleman in South Carolina in the 80's I think. I would love to track this car down and at least see what its looks like :). Also if I remember correctly when it was sold it had a 351 in not the original 390. Thanks Mason

Ah yes, the ones that got away!

Anyone know anything?

I don't recall any car that fits that description passing through these pages but ..
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An S code 4 speed car is the one you wish you didn't let get away. Then again hindsight is always 20/20!

Yeas I was young and stupid and I regret it to this day maybe our paths was cross again I truly hope so !

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