70 Tilt Column
Does anyone know on a 70 tilt, is there a spring that goes on the shaft tip prior to attaching the steering wheel? I've worked on 69 tilts and there is a small tight spring. Standard wheels get a wider, spring that is offered in most catalogs. Most tilt columns i've googled and looked at do not show anything?? Any help would be appreciated. Basically having trouble getting the horns to work. Have newly restored rimblo wheel. Have checked horns, which work. Have omed the rim blo switch which works..?????
Wow I was sure there was a thread on that subject somewhere on the site. I was not able to find one??? It's been years since I've had one apart so the memory is pretty fuzzy, but as I remember they did have a stout spring in them which kept everything snugged up as you tilted the wheel up and down. I found a picture of it in my Haynes manual. The heavy spring is located in the lower housing and pushes up on the upper housing. The hinge pins connect the 2 housings together so the spring is on the bottom side of the column and pushes up on the upper housing. I believe the older column had a stout spring that went over the shaft itself similar to a 70's GM column I think???? I hope somebody can help you a little more. Cause I can't make the Flippin Kodak printer, scan the picture out of the manual for you. Sorry about that. DAMN COMPUTERS! JTS 71 Mach1
Don't hate me if I am wrong, its been a very long time for me also, if you haven't figured it out yet, here it goes.
Typically there is a spring and a clip that holds up the shaft.
The horn runs though the turn signal switch through the two little brass spring loaded contacts. Check the springs on them both of them, should be the same height. If not the spring is weak or broken. also look on the under side of the steering wheel. The brass contact on that may be broken or cracked.( very common). With the steering wheel off you can also jump the two brass contacts together the horn should blow, witch means your horns and the wiring to the horns are good.
If you have a ford dealer in your area that looks like time forgot, and you go in when its not so busy, they may have the old books or micro fish that you can look at, will have the blown up view of the steering column. Hope this helps
cheers J
No help from me but here's hoping you have got it all figured out.

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