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Just brought my 69 Mach one home today. Very excited, however, when I pulled in driveway to a houseful of guests, she overheated.

Welcome, not a good start.
Steve O from downunder Wink
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Welcome to the site and congratulations on your 69 Mach 1!

Welcome, definitely not the best way to show off. But hey you got a 69 Mach1 !!! That's cool anyway you look at it. Even if it did piss alien blood (antifreeze) all over their shoes! Welcome JTS 71 Mach1
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(09-06-2016, 09:06 AM)784mula Wrote: Just brought my 69 Mach one home today. Very excited, however, when I pulled in driveway to a houseful of guests, she overheated.

That sucks but congrats on your choice. If you need help with the overheating problem, or any other problem, the answer is probably to be found here. Good luck and welcome. Dave R.

Congrats on your new "Baby".. Maybe she was just a little nervous in front of all the strangers.. (ha ha) - anyway this site is fantastic for tips and suggestions concerning just about anything dealing with Mustangs and in particular Mach 1's.. You'll have to post a photo when you have time.. Enjoy the ride!!!

Welcome - ah memories.
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G'day and welcome!

Radiator clean out and system flush should fix your overheat problem.

Keep us all posted on progress.

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