69 351W overheated
Just bought a 69 Mach 1 today and I had 100 miles to drive it home. First 15 miles was good. Filled up with gas then the gage read 3/4 H then hot the remaining 75 miles. Shut car off and radiator spewed out the overflow hose for 3-5 minutes. 13lbs cap. What's your thoughts? Thermostat & change fluid?
I just finished working on an overheating issue. The places I would start would be this:

* when engine is cold, remove cap and start car. check that coolant starts to move when thermostat opens. If it does then,
* check for brown water or deposits on radiator. If I had to guess I would think you have rust build up. I just tried evapo-rust thermocure and solved the rust issue. If no rust then start to check that you get adequate cooling. e.g how many blade fan do you have? do you have fan shroud?
* I had rebuilt my engine and put the gasket on backwards which blocked a water passage. That was my 1st issue. The rust in the coolant was the other.
So - it's been about a month since you first asked. Anything resolved or do you still have the issues?

If your still searching let us know, if not let us know what fixed the issue so we can pass along experience.

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