evapo-rust for cooling system?
Has anyone tried evapo-rust to flush rust and flakes from cooling system? Most threads I read say this stuff works. I noticed my radiator has some clogs so I want to flush the whole system. The radiator is less than a year old so suspect rust in the cooing passages of engine.
Sounds like a good idea. Everything I've seen and read about the stuff is excellent, supposedly not harmful to anything except the rust. And you are correct as the inside passages of the block and heads will definitely rust and flake off which can easily cause a plugged heater core, or radiator and diminished cooling. I hope it works. Maybe a call to the manufacturer is in order?
They have a website www.evapo-rust.com I read the website and found the MSDS sheet for evaporust and its got to be one of the safest chemicals I've ever seen a MSDS sheet on. It has no dangers, no reactivity, to any thing even the environment! From everything I read it should do a great job cleaning your radiator and engine. And not have any ill effects on anything. Sound almost to good to be true. All I can say is read the website. JTS 71 Mach1
Evapo-Rust has a product just for that. Look for Thermocure. It's designed to remove rust from cooling systems.

Thanks, I did call them and they said the thermocure is a concentrated version of the standard evapo-rust and would be cheaper to buy terhmocure since I only need a bottle mixed with 2 gallons of water. The standard evapo needs to go in without mixing which would be 3 bottles and a lot more money.
Cool now you know. No more guesswork. JTS 71 mach1
I'll post results in a day or two. So far I removed the t-stat and drained coolant. I found a lot of rust and brown crud on my t-stat. Engine and radiator was flushed with a garden hose then I added evapo-rust thermocure with two gallons of water and drover around for an hour. Left over night and now is a new day. I'll leave it in for another day and drain tomorrow. Fingers crossed that everything will be clean. Will post results
Thanks everyone...I need to use this product on my Ford Ranger.

Stuff really works. All the rust was removed from my radiator and engine. I left it in for two days and drove it each day for about half hour. Then I flushed the engine with water and replaced with antifreeze/distill water mix. I test drove for an hour on the road and highway. Temp gauge was slightly less than middle. I recommend this for anyone who needs to flush their cooling system. I can't believe that it was rust this whole time which was causing my car to overheat.
Thanks for giving us the heads-up and the verdict.

Very good to know.

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