I'm back
Hi folks
I had some problems at work and then my partner died suddenly. Work - poo to it. My partners death has left me numb, confused and weepy.
However, onwards.
I'll be posting again pretty soon and annoying the 'also ran' people on this site.
It has just been brought home to me how short our time can be. DO NOT WASTE A DAY OF IT!!!
Sorry to hear about the sudden loss and it does make you think hard about life and how short it can be. Your advice is well taken.
Yeah I remember my Dad having an "outlook" on this aging thing and death etc. At that point I was about 20 and Ten Foot Tall and Bulletproof! Nothing could dampen "My Spirits". He said just wait boy one day you will understand. Now I'm 5 years older, "58" then he was when he passed away in 1990. And I have realized how truly mortal I really 'am and it seems so many around me seem to have become "fragile" It's like everybody's dying??? What's up with this shit ??? People we care about, Friends. people we thought would live forever. I have definitely realized getting old Hurts the heart and SUCKS!!! JTS 71 Mach1
Sorry to hear your news.
Sorry to hear about the loss of your partner.
Thank you all for for your kind thoughts and words.
Just keep telling that special someone how much you love them. Trust me they can be gone in an eye-blink.
I have accumulated a few 'projects' to keep me sane. Not the least of which is a 'tidy workshop'!!
Stuff like that was really important but now keeps me active.
We all need a reason to get up each day. Work only pays for hobbies, interests and good things for loved ones!
We all need a reason to get up each day. Work only pays for hobbies, interests and good things for loved ones!

Amen to that, well said. JTS 71 Mach1
Sorry to jump in so late to offer my condolences as well.

It is truly hard, and harder the farther down the road one walks, to have to part with those who walk close by us.

If I lived close by I would volunteer to come mess up the workshop so that you could have someone to yell at and plenty of time to keep you busy when I wasn't their to yell at. You know - just be a friend.

Anyway - thanks for sharing you cause with us and we will offer what help we can from the distance we find ourselves.

Again thank you all. My daughter's mum (my second wife) died in January (expected - cancer) but this has been the icing on the cake.
My son from my first marriage and daughetr from the second are my only family in Australia.
I have a small circle of good friends and I feel lucky to count many on this site as friends also.
Give your loved one a hug.
M1FF I believe there are a lot of good people left in the world we just have to look a little harder and be more selective. I also reiterate the sentiment, that a lot of my "good" friends are found right here. Doubles on the HUGGGGG'sss JTS 71 Mach1

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