Dash chrome restore?
I found this thread from Mario but it is almost a year old and no details on how the chrome was redone.


I read somewhere, something about "Chrome Duct Tape"?? I can't remember where thought.

Does anyone know of a step by step video or article showing how to repaint these without having to send the whole thing out to be rechromed?

The chrome is really yellowed and chipped on mine so if there isn't a DIY process for doing this I will just have to spray everything black. I hate to do this but my car is not going to be a concourse queen and my plastic is in too good of shape to just buy new ones.


I believe that it was "chrome" paint - Testers.

Most reviews that I have read have not been that favorable but there have not been a whole lot of options.
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I have a 69 mach 1 that I tried restoring the chrome on the dash bezels. Finally gave up and bought a new one. I tried spaz stix which is the best spray on chrome out. I also tried chrome leaf stuff which is a roll of it that you take off and stick on. Both came out a mess.

Hi Rindel,

Sorry I was away for a while.

I do it with spray chrome paint and patience, I also used "green" masking tape (3M number 233+) 3 mm width.

It is no big deal, this tape helps a lot because you can make all contour in one tape line.

Allow paint to dry and tape can be removed easy.

Best regards

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