Spring Road Trip
Needed to exercise the Mach so off to the annual Lincoln Highway Car Show in Austin NV, 320 miles outback. Rained much of the time but had a good trip anyway.

This building was moved to Austin from Virginia City in the 1860s

On the way up, stopped at the haunted Goldfield Hotel

The show is held right on the US 50 highway in Austin

Original Lincoln Highway marker, 1913

We got a spot in front of the Masonic and Oddfellows Hall, 1867

Only 1 other Mustang, a 66 fastback. This great 70 Bronco showed up.

Stayed at this castle Bed & Breakfast.

On the way home, stopped by Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah. Also haunted. Open for business though!

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Glad to see that you did not let a little rain deter you and your fun.

Thanks for the pictures and the summary.
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Beautiful Scenes from the heart of this great country. I like Steven am glad to see you didn't wimp out because of a little weather. Glad all went well. JTS 71 Mach1
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Great pictures! It's nice to see these old towns. Plus it is quite the gathering of classic cars too. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

WOW !! I am so jealous. Must be really cool to roll around in one of the coolest car that ever came out off Detroit and see some cool sites. Then talk cars with a bunch of car guys.

You have a great eye for photography. You should do a calendar. I would buy it. Keep posting, thank you.
regards John.

I forgot to mention...that is one nice Bronco! The Lemans stripes were a nice touch, especially if you are Shelby fan. You can't touch those early Broncos unless you have the net worth of Donald Trump!

Very cool!! Thanks for sharing. The Lincoln Highway runs through my home town, nice to see people still celebrating its heritage. Keep on enjoying that 70.
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Thanks for sharing the story and photos from your trip. By the looks of the car show there were some really cool looking cars there.
Enjoy the road this summer!!!

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