Resurrecting a 30 year old 460.
I was quite amazed it's only 20 pounds. I think the Jag is 700 and the 460 is 720 so it won't change things to much and the 460 will set back quite a bit farther then the V12 did. JTS 71 Mach1
Only twenty pounds - that's worth swapping!
Well the build has been sidelined a little. I can't believe it's been 6 months since I've posted anything about it. I have done a few things to trying to figure out what will fit, and what won't Lots of measuring! The standard front sump pan is a no go. It would stick down to far below the cross member which you can see I've already cut. I was having trouble as I didn't want to go cutting the pan up and welding it on my good engine, so I bought a complete motor that had thrown a rod. It was out of a Uhaul van so it had a rear sump pan on it. Which fits the frame better. You can see in the pictures that I had to cut it out to clear the steering rack, that junk block didn't mind a bit! But man you should have seen the grinding dust inside it when I got done. I also like the fact the junk block has heads so I can use it for test fitting, which as you can see in the pictures, it will fit!!! There will be some trimming and massaging of the frame bracing along each side but I believe a set of block hugger headers will be the ticket, and I don't think I'll even have to mess with the steering linkage to the rack, fingers crossed. All is looking good. Now to make the motor mounts, and strengthen the crossmember, I had to cut. I'm going to drop down 2 inches lower, and plate it in a triangular pattern to increase the strength as well as repair where I had to cut it. I also intend to extend it rearward to act as a skid plate, as the rear sump does hang down a bit, I may also extend the rear of the pan and box it to increase capacity. I believe it was a 7 quart pan to start with, but my cutting has reduced it some, and created 2 sumps??? Not the best thing. but Ford did it for years with the Fox body, so I guess it won't hurt to much I'll just have to install a seperate drain plug so it can be drained and doesn't hold dirty oil. With the good weather and School almost over (1 week left Thank God), I should be able to make some more progress. The wife said, I'll be Dam%$ It did Fit! I replied was there ever a doubt???

Now we're having FUN!!! JTS

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#34 the old saying goes: If there is a will there is a way and man you have will! I can see this working.
After getting it to set in place, and some more measuring. I ordered the block hugger headers. There will be a little trimming at the sides, but there's a lot more room down the sides then I expected. Until you get to the back of the cylinder heads then it gets tight, nothing a sawzall can't fix!!! LOL! I'll probably do something a little less crazy, then a sawzall but I have one just in case! Man I'm Lovin This! JTS
Hey JTS, do you do all the fabricating and welding as well?
Interesting on the passenger side of the pan is so much more pitted from rust than the driver's side.

Is your height determined by how low you can place the motor or how low the motor needs to sit to clear the hood?

Keep us updated!
Yeah to answer the questions. I do all the cutting, fabrication, welding, engine building, even the bodywork, and painting. You might say when it comes to cars and mechanics, I'm a real "Jack" of all trades. (pun intended)

The oil pan is rusty on one side because that's the side that was exposed to the weather, sitting in what was left of the Uhaul van it came out of.

As far as the height goes. it's a little of both. I believe it may fit, where it's at right now, but I'll have to raise it approximately 3/4 to 1" for some clearance. Then I still don't know how tall my Intake and carbs are going to be??? I still have to build the intake. So it's not set in stone, but I can't go any lower, as the pickup tube in the pan is just going to clear where I've cut into the oil pan. I have had several thoughts on a hood scoop, as I want the fresh air to begin with. I have a 66 corvette style stinger scoop, I was going to put on my old TA. When I sold it, the guy didn't want the scoop, he wanted to go back with a shaker like they had originally.
Or I've thought about making a Mach 1 Style scoop, by cutting my hood and raising it to clear the air cleaner. I have one of the dual 4 barrel air cleaners like the Cobra's used. I'm going to space the carbs so it will fit and look like 2 fours, instead of 2, 2 barrels. Somebody will have to look real close to catch it. I'l have the best of both worlds The simplicity of Ford 2 barrels, near perfect fuel distribution, and 1000 CFM JTS 71 Mach1
(05-15-2017, 11:55 AM)JTS71 Mach1 Wrote: I'm going to space the carbs so it will fit and look like 2 fours, instead of 2, 2 barrels. Somebody will have to look real close to catch it. I'l have the best of both worlds The simplicity of Ford 2 barrels, near perfect fuel distribution, and 1000 CFM JTS 71 Mach1

It's funny you mention the Ford 2 barrel carb. My friend just changed over from a 4 barrel Edelbrock to a Ford 2 barrel for the simplicity of the carb. He said the 2 barrels were the best carbs Ford ever made. And looking straight on you can't tell the difference between the 4 and 2 barrel carbs, Funny, because most people toss the 2 barrels and install the 4 barrel carb.
I've had several Ford cars with a 2 barrel and If you find one of the bigger versions, they will provide tremendous performance. The biggest ones with the 1.33 venturi are right at 500 CFM. And you don't get any of the bog issuses, of going from the front 2 barrels to all 4 barrels at WOT. I realize you can tune all of that out, but it is some serious tuning, and very time consuming. Plus it's still sitting directly over the center 4 cylinders. Which causes a leaner fuel charge at the outer cylinders. Case in point I've read some articles and Comp cams is working on a grind to specifically address the issue of fuel starvation at the outer cylinders. They are trying to even them out by changing the profile of the cam for the outer cylinders to balance them, thus equalizing the cylinders. With the setup I'm building I will have the front carb centered over the front 4 cylinders, and the rear carb centered over the back 4 Cylinders. Thereby creating perfect fuel distribution and no starvation, with a combined 1000 CFM of fuel capacity. Which a "built" 460 is quite capable of handling. When done I intend to have about 650+ hp, decent street manners, with A/C and all the creature comforts. Oh, I'am also thinking of adding a 150 or so shot of Nitrous, just in case I meet one of those Hell Cats. Hell Cat My Ass I got a JACOBRA! Let the Fun Begin!


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