Incredible Find! 1968 Hertz Shelby G.T. 350 Uncovered After 24 Years in Storage
Jerry Heasley
February 22, 2016
Photos By: Dave Tadder
Dave Tadder felt a jolt of depression course through his body when the garage doors finally swung open. The “Oh my!” unveiling wasn’t what he expected.

He says, “It hadn’t been touched in 24 years, and it wasn’t covered. There was dust all over it and the other half of the garage-type of barn was full of crap—I mean boxes and old toys from kids, clothing, and just a bunch of junk.”


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Damn nice barn find. It's amazing what's still out there. COOL! JTS 71 mach1
The stuff dreams are made of!
It must of been the Vega seats that attracted the Chevy guy to the car (LOL)! And shame on him belly aching about the non negotiable sale price of $55,000. For crying out loud, its nearly an unmolested Shelby!! Plus, after researching values he realized he was stealing the car from the nice lady!

Yes I'm jealous...

Nice article...thank you for sharing!
I always like reading barn find stories. Nice car. I'm one of the few that Shelby Mustangs never appealed to. I don't know why. A Boss 302 will get my attention.

Shelby smelby

Let's see more pictures. I love looking at these cars.

I found a 68 Shelby GT500KR about 6 months ago and after $92,000 in talks I friggen gave it up as it somehow didn't turn me on like the 70 Mach 1.
The 428cj was a bulky, heavy slug of a car that was front heavy and leaked oil out of every seal it had.
The Mach 1 cars we have are mostly fitted with the lighter 351CI engines with the newer designs on the engines.
We mostly can never expect to buy a $150,000- $350,000 Shelby or Boss cars.
We do have a nice Mach 1 car that we talk about, drive, and restore to share with our family.
Looking back 6 months ago I am glad I didn't buy that Shelby because I have now more savings left for family vacations and hotrod parts for my kids mustangs.
Kudos to all you extremely wealthy people out there that buy these exotic cars.
I'll gladly spend my time with the masses.
Go MACH 1.
Yes, Masterblaster, I have to agree with you - go Mach 1.

I really like the Boss 351's (I know big & bulky), and even the "Q" coded or "M" Coded options but why spend the money. Buy a lowly "H" code and build it to exceed even the Boss and enjoy driving it rather than worrying about somebody getting too close to it.

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