(02-23-2016, 12:07 PM)JTS71 Mach1 Wrote: Hey Joe glad to see you're still among the living. Don't feel bad I sold my Mach 1's and got a Jagobra !!! Look in the Pit Row Lounge and read a new direction. It'll give you some Idea what's going on in my world. It has also changed, Welcome Back! JTS 71 Mach1

I see the project. :)
I'm done for awhile with projects. They just get so expensive if you do everything right, and then you cant get any money out of them when you move on, at least my last 2 projects 75 vette and my 65 Mustang. Both nightmare cars when nothing went right.
Burned me out for awhile on building :)
Welcome back new old member : )

I am not on facebook and don't have any intentions of joining ever.
+ 1 on the "Not on Face Book" Bull Shlt! and I never will be either. JTS 71 Mach1
Glad all you guys are still here! [Image: thmbsup.gif]
I'm back as well:

I have been getting ready for three reveals for posting here and have been working hard on my pigs to get them ready for a slideshow.
I'm so glad that I can now post photos with my IPhone 5.
Before I tried late last year and the website did not let them go through.

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That's a collection to be proud of and I 'm glad the I-Phone 5 is working for you.
I'm back [again] as well. I had some computer issues a few months ago, so I blew away my Win 7... and realized I'd forgotten to list this site & pw in my master list. So, after I'd gotten everything back together, I scratched my head for awhile and eventually forgot about it.

Today - I remembered it.

Anyway, I split my time between FB, the news sites, and 7173Mustangs for the most part - and on a desktop no less (I still have a flip-phone).

Hope things are good - glad to see the site's still here and you haven't thrown me away.

Edit: Ah... that's the smiley thing you were talking about. Weird.
I've been absent here and on for a while too. Several deaths in the family and I'm doing a lot of elder care for my 93 year-old mother. Haven't been driving the 04 Mach 1 much and the 73 Mustang Convertible hasn't been out of the garage since last fall. Need to take her for a spin soon since the good weather is here. Hoping to get some more boating in this summer as I bought a "new-to-me" Chaparral Sunesta 234 last fall. I need to clean up my old 90 Chaparral and get her up for sale. Hopefully I'll check in here more often.

[Image: 20150911_150109_zpsjpv3yizj.jpg]
Good to hear your still among the living Rare Pony. It sounds like several others in your family haven't been so lucky. Very sorry to hear that. Here's to living forever! I know fat chance, but we can wish can't we. Good luck with the boats, and welcome back. JTS 71 Mach1
Good to have you check in Rare Pony.

Nice boat. Evidently you have something other than the Mustangs to pull that with?

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