Wiring harness attached to underneath of front seats of 70 Mach1
I have a question concerning my 70 Mach 1 that has a cut wiring harness under each of my two front seats.. I haven't taken the seats out yet or re-upholstered them yet so I was wondering if these would be for the seat belt buzzer? The car is equipped with the seat belt warning indicator/buzzer?

I've heard of a Auto Seat Back Release Wiring Harness but I'm not sure of the intent/use of such an option - Can anyone provide details on either? Many Thanks
Those are your two options with the buzzer being the main contender. I can not however provide details for you though. Anyone else?
It's my guess that this car was equipped with the rare seat back solenoid release mechanism.
I believe that buzzer was attached to the (lights on) BUZzzzzzz
Or........ (Door ajar) BUZzzzzzz.
I'm doing wiring in dash on my 70 Mach 1 right now and thought about hooking up a buzzer. $57.00 for a used one is high and I love my silence.
My '72 Eldorado had seat back release solonoids. They are so far into the body of the seat that you will have to get the seats out to see if there are any signs of this option.
I would guess there is a plug on the wires that would alow seat removal without loom damage. Colour codes on the wire will allow you to make an invisable repair. The plug is usually clipped to the metal part of the seat to keep the wires out of the seat tracks.

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