Final Upgrade
I finally got the last upgrade completed. My FMX died and instead of a rebuild or AOD, I went with a 5speed TKO. (Now cosmetic stuff)
Car was a 3512V,FMX 3.0 standard diff ,a/c, p/s
now 393 Stroker roller cam,1.7 rockers,750DP,power 4 wheel disk brakes, rack and pinion steering,3.50 trutrac, 31 spline moser axles, hydraulic clutch,5 speed TKO-600.
I like the idea of switching the automatic for a standard - just makes sense.

My car has the pedals and I have a five speed set aside.

What hydraulic clutch setup did you use?
Man after my own heart, built it the way he wanted it. Now go out and drive it like you stole it! Or as my buddy Bob Kennedy would say "I'll Mail in My License Now, and Go Have Some Fun!" JTS 71 Mach1
I got the kit from modern drivelines. Clutch is a Kevlar 10.5", hyd clutch was LF series type 3. I had an issue with my yoke. it is hollow and leaked tranny oil. Just got it back again from the shop, welded the hole and balanced it again( had to be shortened 2.5").
I am going to have fun driving it now!!!!!!
Nice upgrades and excellent choices!
(01-14-2016, 06:07 AM)davej Wrote: I got the kit from modern drivelines. Clutch is a Kevlar 10.5", hyd clutch was LF series type 3.

Good to know - thanks for sharing.

Now go out nd enjoy the drive!
I'm curious;
I just put a 5 speed Tremec in my sons 67 mustang hooked to a brand new 340 HP (347) stroker engine.
We had a new Detroit Locker installed with 3:80 gears.
Now cruising down the Interstate at 75mph the fifth gear is only pulling about 2,100 or so RPM. At a dead stop, it will easily lay rubber tracks down the street in three gears just with my first few tests.
So my question is:

Are your gears deep enough at 350?

I'm thinking that my gears should be 3:90 instead of the 3:80 to put fifth gear slightly higher into the power band.
What are your thoughts?
Have you road tested your car yet with that set up?
My sons fifth gear just seems a little too gutless.


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