cluster over haul
Here is the name of the spray chrome shop:
Xtreme Chrome Colorado
100 South Bowen Cir
Longmont, CO
(720) 340-0328

Wow that does look good. JTS 71 Mach1
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+1 on the looks and kudos on tach! Plus, I love that the speedometer has the redline warning and the tach does not.

(02-27-2016, 07:57 AM)Mustangmike Wrote: +1 on the looks and kudos on tach! Plus, I love that the speedometer has the redline warning and the tach does not.

Holy Cow that doesn't look good. That looks freakin awesome. What color is that at night ?
I think I did find there website and did see that they would only do the chrome on a gauge over haul.
My gauges do seem to be in good working order and the cluster and sounding plastics are in good shape. I have the knowledge and the resources to take apart the cluster and clean it up, and possibly switch to and install a new woodgrain bezel with new chrome. Or To save a little time I am going to contact the guy on craigslist and see if he'll let go of the cluster in the first picture for 225.00 the price of a new chrome bezel.
The budget is an issue right know I am trying to upgrade my garage and the wife wants to redo the 30yr pool.
Thanks for all your help. regards John

Tachman does rechroming of the bezels with a (recalibration job) not an entire overhaul of all gauges.


DO NOT install those crappy LED light bulbs as I bought two sets of those darned bulbs and put one set in my sons 67 gauges and you can't see the gauges at night.
The LED bulbs emit light pinpointed straight out rather than out to the sides to illuminate the gauge faces. I cussed for days after installing those pieces of crap and couldn't see the gauges when driving my sons car one night.

Regular bulbs are what I have now once again and it lights up like a Christmas tree.

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Thanks for the heads up on the LED, one of those things that looks good on paper I guess. I am a big fan of the Cruise night and shiny chrome and bright lights help make a car stand out. The weather is forecast to change this up coming week so I will start the disassemble and cleaning procedures. Thanks for your Help. regards John

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