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For those looking for deals on eBay there are sellers who list their items in the format of "Buy It Now" with a "Make Offer" option opposed to the traditional auction.

I have had pretty good luck with the "Make Offer" option. I picked up a nice vintage and "working" tachometer with a Stewart Warner cup holder for $125 which was listed as Buy It Now" for $250 and had the "Make Offer" option. Most recently I purchased some 65 Mustang fold down seat trim for $100 and the seller was asking $169.00. I know the aftermarket trim is going for $250+.

When buying items from eBay, I always make sure the seller 100% positive feedback. This gives me a piece a mind the seller is at least "trustworthy" yet I am still optimistically pessimistic until the item arrives and I inspect. Also ask questions...this way the seller can't say you didn't inquire. Always look for sellers who have a return policy. If they offering a return policy chances are you won't be returning the item.

Here is a picture of the trim I picked up this week. It took a little elbow grease to clean up and is driver quality but well worth the price.

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E bay can definitely be a great place to get stuff. You have to be careful as I 've been had a couple times. Fortunately I have succeeded lots more then I've been had. Another thing is watch the prices, quite often things can be gotten cheaper locally. Just always remember there are Liars and cheats out there, and Like Mike says always check out the seller and make sure they have 100% feedback and enough transactions under there belts to be trustworthy. JTS 71 Mach1

PS, nice find.
I've had good luck on EBay. Both buying and selling. I stick to "Buy It Now" auctions since I've always been out bid in the regular auctions. I agree, watch prices. Especially on new items. They can usually get purchased retail for the same or less and have warranties and good return policies. Also, pay close attention to pictures in the ads. Many sellers tend to leave out views that show defects or highly worn areas. Lastly, if a seller accepts credit card payments, even an EBay business, I understand it is still safer to use PayPal. Using PayPal eliminates the possibility of the seller seeing your credit card information.


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