New Mustang arrives down under
The new Mustang arrived down under today
It's great some Mustangs are finally getting there! On the other side, it's sad to see Mustangs leave the States. Unfortunately, it seems USA only imports cars. The importing is so wildly out of control it never crossed my mind there might be some exporting as well. I was shocked at the 1 year waiting list the article mentions

Really? 2016's are already on the road here. GXR
Yeah the way they're talking you'd think Australia was on the other side of the "Planet" or something??? JTS 71 Mach1
I had a 4 month wait for my MINI wagon. Other side of the planet? Only if you want spares, then it is 'Ships to mainland US only'
That is quite the wait to see the first customer cars delivered.

I have driven both the four cylinder and the GT. The four cylinder customers will be happy unless they drive the GT then they'll wish they had ordered a GT.

Not surprising that Australian have ordered ten times more than Brits. It's a mindset.

So Steve O when does yours arrive?
When I win Lotto Steven. I very rarely have a go so my odds aren't good : )

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