Master Cylinders
Good deal on the rod Mike. That kinda freaked me out. I feel really stupid because I have never had any problems like this before on anything I have ever done brakes on. That being said; I haven't had to mess with drums in nearly 20 years either. They are suspect for sure since I know a lot of the pedal feel comes from them. The brakes were always funky on this car, so I don't mind the work and expense to correct it all. My kids and wife ride in it so it's gotta be safe.

Thanks a ton guys.

I'll report back later.
Double check the auto adjust parts all the way round. You just may be chasing your tail.
Adjusters were good. Pulled the MC and stuck it back up on the bench to double check the bleeding and its sucking air like Time Square hooker. New one on order. Gonna. Gonna burn down......gonna burn down....the garage...garage........


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