Small Bodywork Project
I have a friend you had bodywork and paint done to his 65 Mustang fastback but the person ended up painting the fiberglass hood without fitting it to the car first. The result, was an old fiberglass hood with nice paint but terrible fitment on the car. Needless to say, my friend removed the hood and set out to buy another fiberglass hood. Unfortunately he was unable to locate another good fiberglass hood that fit his car right so ended up finding an old factory hood. Unfortunately, the hood he found, although rust free, showed all fifty years of its age and needed a lot more work than expected. My friend and I were able to work out the dents and bends and repaint the hood with left over paint from the original paint job. We also installed a fiberglass bolt on hood scoop to complete the look.

The moral of the story is the importance of proper panel fitment before you paint the car. Doing this work afterwards only costs you more money.

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Very nice job.

Moral of the story: have good friends. :)
Do it right the first time. Always rings true in the end. JTS 71 Mach1
^ +1. That is a result to be proud of.
Thanks everyone...we were glad to be able to help out another Mustang guy. Although, it was only a hood and he had left over paint and primer, it still cost slightly over $300 in supplies (reducer, sand paper, fillers, prep all, and clear).

That car took best in show last year and won another trophy (with the redone hood) last weekend at another local show.

Unfortunately, all the work on the hood reminded how much work it takes to restore a car so it was a little demotivating for me as I search for a new project.

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