Sorting out my just bought 04 Mach 1.
Well, I've had it for 2 weeks now and finally getting some wrenching done and seeing just what the original owner did with the car. I just put 8 E3 Diamond fire plugs in and at the same time, I also installed the K&N C.A.I After that, was plugging in my new SCT Tuner and getting the system running at optimum performance. And boy, these few things did NOT disappoint either. I found a crudely cut up factory air box with a K&N filter wrapped in a restrictive and quite dirty dust wrap around the filter.??? Plugs weren't bad, Autolite platinums but the gaps were all different??? Idle has vastly improved as well as the off idle hesitation in the throttle now gone. Next, is going on the lift to see what kind of suspension is on her(adjustable caster/camber plates) and inspect/upgrade the exhaust system. Has Magna flow tail pipes, but has a "Basani X-pipe" decal on inside of the hood? Not sure what we will find but should prove interesting! If any mufflers are found, they will be removed and am putting SLP Shotgun resonators in ASAP. Also, the cruise control does not work, another mystery to solve. Next post will include pics of my 2004 Competition Orange Mach 1. So far, I'm really loving this car!

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