Mach 1 P@rn
For your viewing pleasure, some pictures of Mach 1's from the MCA National in Loveland CO July 18 2015. Plus a bonus Boss 351! Enjoy.

















HMMMMM HHHHHMMMMM Very nice. I so wish i could get all my projects completed so I could start on mine! Beautiful bunch of cars. JTS 71 Mach1
By far the best herd of horses I've seen in a long time. Way to go Loveland Co! Thank you for sharing.
Thanks for the photos Smiliegenerator_test6
Clap_ Very cool to see you enjoying your car and putting miles on it. Like everyone else it makes me work harder to get mine done to do the same thing. You have shared some great pictures again Biggrin One question: in the first picture your drivers front has white letters on the tire, in the next one it is a blackwall ?
Yes, ye of sharp eye, she blew that RWL tire (threw a 'shoe?) on the way home in the Vail Pass area. The 2nd pic was taken the next day near Green River UT so she sports the replacement black sidewall Michelin.

A local kind soul saw me struggling with the harbor freight junk scissor jack. She went home and brought me a cold water bottle and a floor jack! I'll be looking to pay that forward.

Nice cars. I also like the Boss 302 and Boss 429 cars in the background. I would like to own a 69 or 70 Boss 302 Mustang some day.

That yellow 1970 Mach 1 Twister is extremely rare. The only other place I've seen one is in my Mustang Recognition Guide.

As far as the scissor jack. I thought of carrying one of those Slime tire repair kits that also have the 12V compressor to inflate the tire. Just a thought.

Good to hear all is OK. I had the same thing happen with a Model A heading to a show. Blew a tire and had helpful people get me back on the road quickly. Here's to safe travels Drink_to_that
Thanks for the car show pix. Inspirational.

Glad the flat tyre didn't throw you off the road.
I've just worked out the plate:

'Back in 70' Yeah, I know, the rest of you got it months ago.

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