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Greetings all. I'm not a Mach I owner but I have owned a '69 convertible for 41 years and am a big Mustang fan. I hope to learn more about the Mach I's and will contribute when I can.

Good to have you. Mach 1 ownership is not required, but the passion is. Welcome and enjoy the site lots of good info and people. Jump in anytime. JTS 71 Mach1
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Thanks, it looks like a very nice site you've got here. I've been around Mustangs all my life. I'd love to someday get a Mach I, too, but for now I'll have to be content reading about them. I'm indeed passionate about cars, Mustangs in particular.


Mustang ownership for 41 years has to count for something!

Tell us a little more of your ownership history.

My Ohio connection is in Goshen. Anywhere close to you?

Jump on in and enjoy the site.
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Welcome aboard. I am currently "Mach 1 less" as well but share the passion like you. As the others have mentioned, jump in and share your experience!

Welcome from Ohio

(07-20-2015, 03:07 PM)Steven Harris Wrote: My Ohio connection is in Goshen. Anywhere close to you?

Goshen? That's God's country down there. I'm in Richfield. My dad's family was from Chillicothe, my mom from Fredericktown, near Mansfield. I've lived in a few places in Ohio since coming back from Connecticut in the 70's.

I actually grew up in Connecticut and bought my Mustang off a gas station where it was out front with a "for sale" sign in 1974. I drove it through high school and college until, in 1981, the clutch, brakes, and engine were shot. It was worthless as a trade-in so I kept it. I started fixing it in the late 80's, finished it in 2013! Duh

ohiomustang Wrote:Welcome from Ohio

Don, thanks for the greeting, I've bought parts from you, even picked up a few in your storefront back in the day!


Here's what she looks like today...



Great history with the car!

I have never been to Richfield. Chillicothe - yes, Fredericktown - yes. I will agree with you on the Goshen area.

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the car. Nice save for so many years!

Glad to have you with us.
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Welcome - Stunning car, great history. Makes me wish I had been far sighted enough to keep some of mine.
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Welcome from VT
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