More traffic peeves...
Here in Florida, the interstates are posted 70 MPH in most places. Consequently, the on-ramps are usually loooong so that you can build up speed to safely merge into the flow of traffic.
I cannot stand it when I get behind someone who moseys along the ramp at 35-40, and then STOPS at the end of the ramp looking for a break in traffic so they can pull onto the interstate and THEN accelerate to proper speed.
Very aggravating.Angry
(07-16-2015, 08:50 PM)Kit Sullivan Wrote: Very aggravating.Angry

Not to mention - very dangerous!
Yeah, that can be frustrating. Not to make fun of anybody, but, . . . well I'll say it, has anybody suggested to relax a bit and let your blood pressure drop down some. 578254 Some things are just not worth getting worked up about.

Yeah but if some dumbazz does this and causes a wreck, is that worth getting worked up about? I lived and drove a semi truck in Florida, for 3 years. The traffic, and speeds there are nuts, 3 to 4 lanes wide and 70-80mph, and then some Azz comes to the end of a ramp and stops, he's taking a real chance at getting himself, and several others killed. I have seen it happen, and the 8 or 10 cars involved when the Azz got knocked into the 4 lanes of traffic at between 70 & 80mph, along I-4 at Kissimmee on the SW side of Orlando. A place referred to as Malfunction Junction. People need to concentrate on the job at hand DRIVING! I'm sorry this came off sounding hateful , but there are things that are still worth getting worked up about. People with there head up there azz or texting while driving. Have no business on the road. Unfortunetly they most usually slip away, and someone else pays the price. JTS 71 Mach1
This is all part of the 'Teach them to pass a test - Not to DRIVE' problem.

Ask the M1 owning daughter how many hours I had her driving while she was on L-Plates.
Plus 1 on hours behind the wheel! JTS 71 Mach1
Okay Kit...I heard the service at restaurants in Florida is just as "mosey", something about a lot of retirees relocating to warmer weather and lower taxes. 578254 Again!

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