So... This part of a car is not my forte. Help!
The first picture is the side of the air filter, the inside of it, and the passenger side valve cover. I'm guessing the connector on the left is for the PCV hose which would run down to the valve cover. Then I've found inside it needs a filter in the black case. Does the passenger side valve cover have a valve or is it the side with the 45 elbow. I'm guessing the valve. What is the bracket in the center for? Does anyone know what is suppose to be in the hole to the right?

The next picture is the driver side oil cap. I believe it's suppose to run to the carberator. Then I found this hose on the back of the carb and running to this spot above the master brake cylinder.

There should be a picture of some device right next to the actual air filter. What is this?

My last question is what is the short hose with the rusted out screw capping it off? It's coming out of the bottom front driver side of the carb.

Thanks in advance!!! I'm off to buy an everything you need to know about the 351 Cleveland. I'm a pictures and diagrams with brief descriptions guy. Chilton and Haynes have very little on these parts that make sense to me.

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Okay I'll see if I can remember all these things. 1 you are correct the fitting on the left is for the PCV valve, 2 The PCV Valve which appears to be broken off in the rear of the passenger side valve cover. 3 I believe the bracket is for the clip to hold the flexible, corrugated tube from the evaporation canister. 4 which goes in the hole to the right, the corrugated tube hooks to a plastic fitting you are missing. 5 Driver side oil cap should have a a hose going to a fitting on the drivers side of the air cleaner? Ford Had this type of cap in the later seventies? I'm Not a 100% sure it was on a 71-73??? 6 The hose on the back of the carb is correct, it feeds vacuum for the Vacuum booster/ power brakes. 7 Not sure which part you are talking about? 8 short hose is simply a vacuum line I believe it went to the distributor for vacuum advance. Like I said I'm not 100% sure but should be pretty close, Hope it helps. JTS 71 Mach1
The PCV valve is already in it's correct location- in the DRIVER'S side valve cover, that's it there inside the oil filler cap. The hose coming off it should be connected to the large fitting on the back of the carburetor spacer. Vacuum for the brake booster should be supplied by a "T" fitting threaded into the intake (which may or may not feed a multi-barbed vacuum connector mounted to the firewall - depending on the model year. The passenger side valve cover holds a black plastic fitting(yours appears to be broken off) that a shaped rubber hose fits onto and connects via the spring steel clip, to the air filter housing mini foam filter.(left hole in the photo) The "right side hole" in the air filter is there to mount a plastic fitting that connects the flexible flimsy tubing to the vapor canister mounted on the lower right firewall which is originally blue in color. The small bracket-if my memory serves me correctly- is used to hold a small plastic retainer which is attached to a small vacuum hose which controls the thermactor vacuum controlled flapper door in the snout of the air filter housing.
Thanks for the inputs. The one question that I confused you on was in the first image. The picture on the bottom left. What is that metal rectangular piece on the bottom of the air filter case between the actual filter and the carb?

Another question I had was on the snorkel. I'm assuming vacuum line of some sort comes off the nipple on the top. If so, for what and to where would it go? If not, what is it for? Then my last question was it looks like a larger hose could mount to the bottom of the snorkel in the same area. Again what is that for?

Thanks for the guidance again. I'll have to go back and read both your posts on the PCV system. I seemed like the two explanations were a little opposite of each other on a few pieces. It's also opened a few more questions in my mind that I think I can find the answers to through research. I'm know also wondering how easy it is to find the plastic fitting for my hole.

I also just ordered the 1973 Mustang Part and Body Illustrations CD-ROM so I can stop bugging you all a little. Biggrin
The first thing you need to do is be sure that the air cleaner assembly you have is the correct one for your application. Emissions systems varied from '71 to '73 and to further complicate matters, California cars differed from the others. These things are all fairly similar in appearance, but there were changes from year to year. Your car, being a '73, also utilizes an EGR Valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) which is vacuum operated. You can do a Bing or Google images search for vacuum diagrams for your car.(A picture is worth 1,000 words) Trying to explain or articulate mechanical systems is rather difficult because the terminology used and the level of knowledge between the person trying to explain it and the person trying to understand it varies.
I think you are being pointed in the right direction. +1 on the last part of gxr's post.
Told you I wasn't 100% sure, I got a couple things mixed up. I see the "round thingy" in the bottom of the filter housing behind the air filter? If that's what you are talking about I have no clue as to what the heck that could be??? Huh As I remember they all had them??? but never knew what they are. Anybody else? JTS 71 Mach1
AFAIK the 'round thingy' is a temp sensitive valve that lets air by-pass the throttle butterfly(s) and increase the idle speed when the engine gets too hot.
The 'thingy' on the outside of the air filter is part of the breather system and should have a coarse mesh filter in it.
Ok sounds like a good answer to me. JTS 71 Mach1
The device on the inside bottom of the air cleaner is a temp-actuated valve. Hoses connected to it on the underside of the air cleaner go to a vacuum source, and to the air flapper in the end of the snorkel.
At cold start, the temp valve is open, allowing vacuum to the snorkel flap, keeping it closed and preventing cool fresh air from entering the air cleaner. This promotes quicker warming up of the air inside the air cleaner, an emissions requirement. Once the air inside the air cleaner has reached a target temp (145° I think), the valve closes and blocks vacuum, allowing the snorkel flap to open and introduce a free-flowing amount or cool, fresh air into the air cleaner.
The squarish loop "bracket" on the outside of the air cleaner is to hold the two vacuum hoses.
All this complexity just to promote a little faster warm-up...crazy stuff back then.

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